Best Motorcycle Helmet (2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Welcome to the best motorcycle helmet 2021 list, owning a fantastic motorcycle, and there’s nothing like riding a bike – It’s incredible, fun, and a little dangerous. A research study shows that holding a high-quality motorcycle helmet reduces the risk of severe head injuries.

In the bike world, the motorcycle helmet is the essential gear. Nowadays, finding the best motorcycle helmet can be tricky because there is a lot of bike helmets in the market.

Best Motorcycle Helmet

If you were looking for the best motorcycle helmet and confused about which helmet is best for you, don’t worry, our expert team research hundreds of hours and read different motorcycle helmets review to choose the right helmet for you.

Before purchasing the right motorcycle helmet, many of us search online and compare it with the different helmets because if you are going to buy a helmet, you have the right to research it and choose the correct helmet.

As a result, we choose the top 10 best motorcycle helmets of 2021 and hope that you will find the right motorcycle helmet today.

List of Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews of 2021

1. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

Torc T-14 has the Blinc Bluetooth version of MAKO; MAKO is the type of shark. MAKO is the fastest shark in all shark, and it is recognized by the body lines. T-14 has a full-face motorcycle helmet and the significant attraction of these helmets is their protectiveness. This helmet has the Bluetooth connectivity up to 400 meters easily and talks time is up to 24 hours.

The helmet also has dual stereo speakers and a 1 (one) touch system to reject the call. The Torc T-14 has a built-in lithium battery and provides talk time up to 24 hours. The Bluetooth helmet is also compatible with the iPhone (IOS).

Torc T-14 is a lightweight helmet than the previous both models, and the helmet also has an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield. If you are riding in the winter, don’t worry about the fog because it has the anti-fog shield, and if you are using it roughly, its shield has also the anti-scratch shield.

The Torc T-14 has an anti-bacterial liner, and it is easily removed and washable liner. This helmet has a padded chin strap with a D-Ring closure.

Don’t worry about his safety features because it has DOT and ECE certified.


  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Good Battery life
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Anti-fog and Anti-scratch Shield


  • Bluetooth stopped working some time

2. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell qualifier full-face motorcycle helmet has topped the list of the best motorcycle helmet with its fantastic design, three layers of safety features, lightweight construction and click release shield system, and much more.

With its fantastic price bell qualifier provides many more features than its price, and you will love to get hands-on with this amazing Bell qualifier motorcycle helmet.

The Bell qualifier is very comfortable and lightweight and constructs from POLYCARBONATE/ABS composite shell. Although the bell qualifier does not contain any carbon fiber, and bell qualifier is lighter than the carbon fiber helmets.

The Bell qualifier has a beautiful design and comes in amazing Solid Matte Black color, lightweight, and very comfortable for the daily driver. The Bell qualifier has Three Shells and Three EPS design that reduces the risk of serious injury.

The bell qualifier has a click release shield system that saves your time and quickly changes the shield. All bell qualifier shields feature UV protection, anti-fog, and anti-scratch.

The bell qualifier has also packed with the Padded Wind Collar that reduces the wind and the road noises. This helmet has a removable, washable, and anti-bacterial interior and this helmet has also Dot and ECE certified.


  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Composite Shield
  • 3 SHELLS and 3 EPS Design
  • Click Release Shield System
  • Padded Wind Collar
  • Removable and Washable Anti-bacterial Interior
  • DOT/ECE Certified


  • Loose Vents
  • Little Noisy

3. HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL-17 full-face motorcycle helmet is another motorcycle helmet on our list, which has got the attention of many bikers due to its amazing features and its impressive specs.

The HJC CL-17 has advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shield, lightweight, and advanced CAD technology. The other necessary features are also available to let’s take a look at them.

HJC CL-17 has made from an advanced polycarbonate composite shield, and it’s incredibly lightweight. This helmet has a superior fit and comfort that use advanced CAD technology.

This helmet has DOT and ECE certified, and it is an anti-scratch Pinlock ready face shield that has a new 3D design that provides 95% UV protection. The side shield has a lock mechanism for the ultra-secure seal that doesn’t break easily.

This helmet has a simple and secure shield system that provides quick, easy, and tool-less removal and installation. This helmet has a 2 stage shield closure system that has open/close with one touch, and this shield system makes for an extremely secure seal that cannot break easily.

The helmet has the ACS advanced channeling ventilation system and in the helmet air easily flow from front to back and helmet has also a moisture-wicking interior, removable cheek pads and the helmet has also anti-bacterial fabric.


  • Lightweight and Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • CAD Technology
  • DOT and ECE Certified
  • Anti-Scratch Face-Shield
  • New 3D design
  • Anti-Bacterial fabric


  • Size Problem
  • Noisy

4. Freed Conn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet

If you are looking for a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth technology, then this helmet is best for you and his Bluetooth working in 500 meters 2 to 3 riders pairing easily.

In this helmet, FM Radio is also available, and the integrated intercom communication system has waterproof and doesn’t worry about riding in rainy. A freed conn motorcycle helmet is also supported by mp3 music, FM Radio, and GPS voice.

Freed conn motorcycle helmet Bluetooth technology is working in 500 meters, which pairing three peoples and two pairs talking at the same time. This helmet has Bluetooth 3.0 technology that offers you 8 hours of talking and 110 hours of standby. This helmet has a one-touch control system for the hands-free call, rejects, and redial the last number.

Freed conn has the NST (noise suppression technology), and DSP echo cancellation. This helmet has two speakers with stereo sound that make you enjoy your music and excellent communication at high speed.

Freed conn has cheek pads and liner that are deodorant, absorbent, and that is easy to clean and easy to remove. This motorcycle helmet has in 3 liner size, and freed conn size is usually smaller than other helmets standard size, so before buying, check the size chart.

A Freed conn motorcycle helmet is DOT certified, so don’t worry about the quality and safety features. Freed conn has also come with an upgrade package that includes a pair of high-quality protective gloves.


  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Stable Helmet Speakers
  • The advanced Noise Reduction system
  • Comfortable line, Easy to Clean, and Removable
  • DOT Certified


  • Speakers are not too good
  • Size problem (smaller than other)

5. Shoei RF-SR Full-Face Helmet

Shoei company has produced “Premium” motorcycle helmets in the motorcycle helmet market. If you have a reasonable budget and looking for a high-quality helmet, then this helmet is best for you.

The Shoei RF-SR helmet is four shells and EPS liner sizes that increase the fit options and comfortable fit with most of the head sizes.

Shoei RF-SF is two air intake vents that positioned upper in the helmet and maximize the airflow in the helmet, and the hot air is exhausted from a top outlet.

Shoei helmet has the Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) technology that combines high-performance fiber and organic fiber into a shell to construct the ultra-lightweight helmet. This helmet is a beautiful 3D custom interior and the interior of the helmet that includes cheek pads, liner, and chin straps can easily remove and easy to clean.

The Shoei helmet has an emergency quick release system if a rider injured the emergency quick release system allows medical personal to remove the helmet easily from the head. A Shoei helmet provides extra comfort by eliminating the ear’s pads and breathe guard.

This helmet is window beading features that have dual-layered, dual-lip construction that a helmet seal has windproof and waterproof with every closure. Shoei has a QR-E closure system that allows users to tool-less remove and install shield and provide an air-tight seal that minimizes wind noise.


  • Ventilation System
  • Lightweight
  • The emergency quick-release system
  • QR-E closure system
  • 3D Custom Interior System
  • DOT certified


  • Does not vent well

6. LS2 Stream Wind Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The LS2 stream wind is DOT, and ECE certified full-face helmet and LS2 has the dropdown sun shield built-in. This helmet is the aerodynamic shell made from high quality (HPTT) polycarbonate alloy.

The LS2 stream has the technical fabric liner that includes the cheek pads and the inner foam cut from the one piece of high-quality foam. LS2 has used the new 3D laser technology to reduce the foam for the perfect fit; it can easily remove and wash it.

In the LS2 stream, the shield has easily removed and changed no tool required to change the shield of the helmet. The face shield of the stream has scratch-resistant and ready for fog.

LS2 has the built-in two shield system drop-down and the sun shield and it is DOT and ECE verified so don’t worry about the safety and the company give five years of warranty against the issue in materials and workmanship.


  • DOT and ECE Approved
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch Resistant Face-Shield
  • Excellent Venting
  • Washable Padding
  • Speakers Pockets
  • Clear Optics


  • Noisy
  • Shields is not Anti-Fog

7. ILM 953 Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

ILM helmet has come with Bluetooth 3.0 technology; you can easily get 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby time. ILM has a removable microfiber liner that can easily remove, a washable microfiber liner that is easy to clean, and ILM has also come with an adjustable vent.

ILM is the one-touch control system for answering the call and rejecting the call. The Bluetooth technology of ILM has worked at a distance of 1000 feet and easily pairs between two riders for communication. The ILM has two built-in high-quality speakers for the stereo sound.

Don’t worry about the safety standard because it is DOT and ECE certified. The ILM has echo cancellation and noise suppression technology that offers high quality its high speed. If the helmet Bluetooth system is not used for a long time then it will go into sleep mode and you want to use it again then you have to charge the battery for half hours to come from sleep mode.


  • Clear Speakers
  • Good Air Flow
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology
  • Removable and Washable Liner
  • DOT and ECE Standard
  • Dual Option Face-Shield


  • Little Heavy
  • No Anti-fog Shield

8. HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

You are a street racer or rider and love speeding and looking for a helmet that can fulfill your requirement; then, this helmet is best for you. The HJC MAX II is amazingly lightweight, and CAD advanced technology is used for comfort and fit.

The MAX II has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell and also comes with an adjustable chin-bar. It has a single button/one-handed chin-bar and face shield release system.

HJC MAX II has the superior Pinlock face shield that provides 95% protection, and it has easy to remove and replace the tool-less system. HJC MAX II has the one touched smoked tinted 3-stage adjustable sun shield that comes with a locking mechanism that deploys easily and quickly.

The HJC MAX II has an advanced ventilation system (ACS) that allows air to flow easily all over the helmet and flashes out the heat. The helmet interior has an anti-bacterial fabric, and the helmet also has a removable and washable liner and cheek pads.

Safety, don’t worry about the safety standard it has DOT and ECE certified.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • DOT and ECE Certified
  • Good Sun Visor
  • Comfortable
  • Advanced Ventilation System


  • Fogs Up
  • Size problem (before buying check the size chart carefully)

9. LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The LS2 stream solid has come with the built-in twin shield system, and this shield system is also glove-friendly. The twin shield system is easy to use and makes it easy for you to protect your eyes when you are riding in direction to the sun.

The LS2 stream solid has the DOT approved release chin strap that is easy to secure and easy to release.

This helmet has a technical fiber liner that you can easily remove, and the liner also has the washable. So you can keep your helmet fresh for the new ride.

The stream solid has the tool-less quick release face shield system that you can easily remove the shield within 15 seconds and install the new one.

This helmet has come with a face shield that is scratch resistant. The stream solid is also DOT and ECE certified and the LS2 stream solid is come in 5 years of warranty against the fault in material and workmanship.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Twin Shield System
  • Removable Washable Padding
  • Excellent venting
  • Tool-less quick release


  • The plastic interior feels cheap
  • Noisy

10. HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC helmet shell has made from the advanced polycarbonate composite, and this helmet also has an adjustable chin bar. This helmet is truly lightweight and comfortable using advanced CAD technology.

This helmet has a one-handed single-button release chin bar and face shield system. The helmet has a superior Pinlock face shield that provides 95% UV protection.

HJC has a tool-less shield system that you can easily remove and change the shield without any tool. HJC has a smoke-tinted 3-stage adjustable sun shield that comes with a locking mechanism that deploys quickly and easily.

This helmet has the ACS (advanced channeling ventilation) system in which the airflow smoothly from front to back and flushes the heat up and out. The helmet has a removable and washable liner that you can easily remove and wash.

HJC helmet has DOT and ECE certified.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • One button release chin bar and face shield
  • ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation) System
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Sun visor


  • Little noisy
  • Tight Ear Space

Motorcycle Helmets Types

There are six different types of motorcycle helmet available in the market.

Full Face Helmet GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Extra Tinted Visor DOT Approved (Matte Black, Large): Automotive

The full-face helmet gives one of the most protection close to your neck and head and is believed to be the most powerful type of motorcycle helmet to safeguard you from probable impact. A distinctive quality of the full-face helmet would be the chin pub, and it is an integral safety function that many helmets lack. As demonstrated by a study on helmet injury and bike thoughts injuries, the chin encounters 50 percent of severe impacts during a crash, and just a full-face helmet can provide you with safety for your chin and jaw.

A full-face helmet can be a versatile pick for most riders, irrespective of the type of bicycle you ride or wherever you can ride it. A softball helmet fluctuates based on the type of driving that you do. Sports riders have a crouched riding position plus need a helmet that stops it from lifting high rates, hence, they usually opt for a helmet having a higher jaw pub and also a visor opening angled a bit near the top of the helmet. But, tourers, cruisers, and adventure riders tend to journey using an upright driving posture, so the helmet could have to accommodate it using a decrease chin bar and also a visor opening that is more direct and straightforward.

Most full-face helmets possess ventilation throughout the helmet to evaporate sweat, lessen visor fogging, and also maintain you greatly while riding. From the winter months, the ventilation may be shut to minimize the airflow. New attributes are added into air-soft helmets in the past several decades, for example, blue tooth competent speakers, high-visibility shade options and layouts, and visors that tint and conform to sun states.

Modular (Flip-up) Helmet

Modular helmets, also known as flip-up helmets, are a mixture involving a 3/4 helmet plus a full-face helmet, and the reason being is that the chin bar and visor can turn up to open the leading part of the helmet. Components and fitment are much like the full-face helmet. They comprise a visor for eye safety, and occasionally include a second inner visor for additional eye protection against sunlight.

Modular helmets often tend to chew over marginally more compared to the classic full-face helmet due to this extra design squat features integrated to the in-wall front place. Rider security is slightly lower because of the hinge structure, as there’s just a little fissure vs. a uniform entity of a high-heeled helmet, however, it also provides more protection compared comparison with the 3/4 or even 1/2 helmet because of its added chin defense.

The modular helmet is frequently used by both tourers, cruisers, and adventure riders since it’s designed using a vertical riding position at mind. A person’s eye openings are somewhat more straightforward and the eyebrow pub is intended to sit down lower on the face. Blue tooth speakers really are a welcomed addition, together with a dual visor method and anti-fogging coating onto the principal visor.

Open-face (3/4) Helmet

Open face helmets, and additionally called being a 3/4 helmet that handles the very best rear and sides of one’s thoughts although leaves see your head vulnerable. They truly are very popular for example theaters, cafe racers, tourers, and cruisers, since the facial area has been retained receptive to have that the end in your own skin. The differentiating element of the 3/4 helmet may be the shortage of the chin pub, which greatly lessens the security of the bicycle helmet, even since it renders your own face vulnerable.

Open face helmets have been known as structurally add up into a high heeled helmet, even regarding safety inside the locations they are doing provide policy. The burden is a bit less compared to the high heeled helmet, either as a result of lack of this eyebrow pub, however, it’s not a substantial reduction. Additionally, on account of the willingness of this helmet, it can not shelter you from weather conditions illness, and debris. They come armed with semi or full-face visors utilized to look after the eyes and experience from the sun, or it might ask that you obtain the area independently.


Half-helmets just pay the surface of one’s face along with the surface in the forehead into a brow and supply nominal security. Some can provide a little more protection over the trunk part of one’s ears and neck however, leaves the others of one’s head vulnerable. Even though helmet offers amazing venting, obviously they feature less security compared to the usual complete deal with or 3/4 helmet, even nonetheless, you may nevertheless find Half Helmets which can be DOT approved.

Most of all helmets usually don’t come armed with a visor or face protector, and therefore you should buy eye-protection from the kind of driving goggles or eyeglasses. You’ll find minimum technological attributes, for example, blue tooth speakers, also entirely on the helmets, so since there clearly wasn’t space for those capabilities to be inserted into. For that reason, you’ll find minimal improvement alternatives for your own helmet.

Off-Road Helmet

Off-road helmets have been made as their title implies, to escape from your roads and on dirt roadways. They’re not the optimal/optimally choice for highway and city usage, but well suited for regions at which knobby tires really are a need. It’s another design compared to the entire along with 3/4 helmets, built using a bigger visor and far more highlighted jaw pub to get far better venting. They are intended for the greatest security, minimal burden, and also flowing venting for drifting throughout the winter months, so and thus do not anticipate lush monster conveniences such as blue tooth speakers.

Off-road helmets typically do not provide attention to safety, or so the rider needs to be ready to trip glasses or goggles. In the event you are riding from sand or dirt, goggles are the taste because they may shield your driver’s head to avoid debris infestation by the ground and sides while still driving. You’ll find several composite alternatives readily available, for example, fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. These substances offer you a great advantage and therefore are lightweight to continue to keep your neck and head out of becoming tired following a very long day of driving.

In the event you want to utilize body armor or perhaps a neck brace, then don’t forget to try out the helmet with the additional equipment to make certain it matches fits before you get the helmet. Moreover, don’t forget to check your helmet with all the helmets to guarantee the goggles shield into an experience effectively. Many helmets have been shaped in another way throughout your eyes and also won’t fit-all goggle fashions absolutely. If a manufacturing company provides eyewear and helmets, then assess out a fitting pair, when readily available.

Dual Sport Helmet

Double game helmets are a mixture involving an off-road helmet and also a high-quality helmet. It’s an outside styling much like an off-the-shelf helmet using a huge visor and decreased jaw. But give greater inner cushioning and relaxation like a homemade helmet. All these are intended to become always a halfway line amongst each personality. Since they’re made to be utilized both in the street along off-road.

Even the dual-sport helmets provide a bigger eye-protection visor a full-face, nonetheless nevertheless. It could additionally snap in an upward placement for utilization of goggles. Even the visor is aerodynamic. So, therefore, it doesn’t lift at the end including an authentic off-road helmet. The chin is not just a protrusive being an off-road helmet. So therefore that there clearly was way better sound-proofing instead of too much warmth. This is a significant option whenever you blend terrain exactly the exact same driving day. Make use of the visor at the downward position onto the avenue towards the road. Then snap this up for goggles and greatest hardness.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

Did you know that drive a motorcycle is 26 times dangerous than driving a car? Buying the motorcycle helmet is like buying other things; there are multiple things looking for before purchasing the motorcycle helmet. If you are looking for a helmet that has the latest in technology, then you should focus on that helmet, which comes with the newest technology like communication systems.

Protection Features

The main purpose of the motorcycle helmet is to protect yourself from the crash and falls, and motorcycle helmet also protects you from the rain and snow and also form pollution.

If you are a rider or racer and looking for maximum protection, then a full-face, durable helmet then go for the certified helmets that are DOT and ECE or SNELL certification.


Nowadays, most motorcycle helmets are made from the fiber-glass, while the premium helmets are made from carbon composite and Kevlar.

Before purchasing the helmet, check the interior that is easily removable and washable, and don’t buy the helmet, which has a plastic liner because that will break after some time. Check the helmet weight also that are light enough or not for wearing for a long time.


Not just looking for material and protection features, the essential feature is comfort before purchasing the helmet check the helmet ventilation system in which the air smoothly flows from front to back. Check also the inner material because it will give comfort to your entire skull and also give comfort around your full cheeks.


When you checked all other features, now it’s come to the styling of the helmet. Check the style of the helmet and design when it looks good, and you like it go and buy it. Many companies release their unique version of the helmet also and if you have a reasonable budget, then go for a unique version.


So, it’s time to talk about the price. How much the person will spend on the helmet will depend on the person, and there are helmets in the market that will cost you a thousand dollars.

As mentioned above, before purchasing the helmet, a good helmet or quality helmet passes through specific tests. You’ll see in America DOT, in Europe ECE certified helmet and if you are still confused, we will recommend you to go for the SNELL certified helmet.

If you are a beginner and buying the first helmet and it’s reasonable to spend on the helmet between $150 to $300.


Is buying a second-hand helmet safe?
Our expert team warns you against buying a used helmet; there are a lot of second-hand helmets in the market with low prices, old helmets that used a lot, and have already involved in a crash. That’s why our expert team warns you against the used helmets to not buy them, and our expert suggests you buy the new one.
When should I replace my motorcycle helmet?
Yes, after five years of use or any accident or crash, immediately change the helmet. After five years of use, replace the helmet to protect yourself from any damage, to ensure you are being protected by the latest technology.
Which kind of motorcycle helmet is the best to wear?
In all motorcycle helmet types, the safest is the full-face motorcycle helmet, which covers the full head, neck, and face. Other helmets like half helmet leave your face fully open to the wind and other elements.
How much should I spend on a motorcycle helmet?
There are a lot of helmets in the market, and some of the helmets cost above the thousand dollars, and the normal one can be found under 100 dollars. If it’s your first helmet and you are a beginner, then definitely recommend you to go for 100 dollars helmet or above not for the expensive one.

Final Verdicts

If you have a good budget, then go for the overall pick of the best motorcycle helmet is the TORC T-14B motorcycle helmet. The TORC T14-B has amazing features like superior material, lightweight, MAKO Bluetooth version, anti-fog, anti-shield, and many more features.

The best motorcycle helmet 2021 for the price is Bell Qualifier full-face motorcycle helmet, and this helmet is durable, inexpensive, lightweight, and many more features that we discussed above.