16 Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

These 3/4 helmets permit proper ventilation which makes wearing these exceptionally comfortable, and they’re lightweight also. Along with all, they supply decent protection also. That said, not all 3/4 helmets can guarantee safety that’s the reason you have to invest in the best 3/4 motorcycle helmet.

Modular and full-face helmets are normally the most powerful on the current market, but they’re also thick, bulky, and uncomfortable.

You should not need to choose between security and comfort when riding, which explains the reason you may think about picking the top 3/4 motorcycle helmet rather. Our 3/4 motorcycle helmet reviews help you discover the design that fits your requirements. And in this guide, we will take you through a few of the best 3/4 motorcycle helmet testimonials. So without further ado, let us get to the listing!

List Of 16 Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet

The hand-painted Biltwell Inc. Bonanza is among the most versatile and financial helmets present on the marketplace. It’s quite mild on the mind and exceeds US DOT standards. The helmet fits directly on the mind with no distress. It’s a great mix of modern technology with a timeless appearance.

The lining is removable and hand-stitched using the capacity to absorb moisture and protect against fuzzy visions. It is simple to wash off the liner and remain hygienic. Its open-cell foam cushioning offers comfortable breathing. The EPS casing within the helmet is customized to offer superior protection on the street.

Having an expanded polystyrene inner shell and injection-model ABS outer shell, it’s but one of those protected helmets out there. It includes painted steel D-rings plus a strap retainer to get goggles that magnify the retro look for anybody. The chrome and rubber accent gives it a slick appearance that makes it an apple with an eye for bikers.

2. BELL Custom 500 Helmet

Bell is a branch of Vista Outdoor – an American manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and bikes. The business was established in the year 1923; nonetheless, the initial helmet it introduced has been created in 1954 by Roy Richter, who reverse-engineered numerous helmets with the assistance of veteran naval pilot Frank Heacox. After months of study and hard work, they eventually produced the Bell 500 helmet. Following its launching, the helmet becomes an instant success in the world of motorsports.

Back then the helmet comprised a foam interior lining plus a hand-laminated fiberglass outer casing. The helmet has been perfect in the view of motorcyclists. But just when we thought it could not get any better, Bell moved right to the laboratory and made constant improvements, which finally caused the Bell Custom 500 open-face motorcycle helmet.

The Bell Custom 500 keeps the older retro-look while assembled with modern technologies, while also ensuring that the current riders are supplied with the identical retro-look in addition to the newest security features. The helmet comes in an intermediate oval shape with 5 casing & EPS lining sizes; making sure a low-profile appearance.

3. HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

In case you’ve been to the motorcycle helmet marketplace for any period of time, you have to have heard the title HJC. It’s unquestionably among the most well-known brands for motorcycle helmets. Their products have consistently lived up to the consumer’s expectation and this HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet isn’t any different.

This exact helmet boasts of providing protection up to a full-face helmet. That is true when you do not count the chin shield because an open face helmet does not arrive with a chin guard. Aside from that, the security level is topnotch.

The helmet includes a summit visor and a sun visor. A summit visor comes into play once the rider slides in a strong breeze. Along with the sun, the visor is to save the consumer from UV rays. It’s a very comfortable helmet, among the very best motorcycle helmets for cruising. And the best part is, even with this particular helmet do not have to exchange safety relaxation, you’ll have both that is fairly rare.

It’s made in an Advanced Polycarbonate composite shell. Well, this material is remarkably powerful and very lightweight, it’s a deadly combination. There’s a single density EPS liner that makes it possible for the helmet to absorb impact and also distribute land into the extremities so the rider’s mind stays secure.

4. Shark RAW Blank Helmet

A competitive looking helmet, that really is actually the Shark Streetfighter Raw 3/4 helmet was created for style. It’s an exceptional goggle and face mask blend style and may be categorized as the road café, urban attack naked motorcycle fashion helmet.

The mouth or face shield mask is made of polyurethane whilst the casing is polycarb. The goggles are optically correct and supply decent protection but maybe somewhat fussy to correct in contrast to some flip-up faceguard.

Shark helmets come from France so the mind shape is much more intermediate impartial to around, not long oblong. Fits more of a broader circumference on the mind. It’s lightweight and contains 1 huge spade vent on the top. The port has a rubberized stopper to prevent rain from penetrating.

The negative goggle system ties and sweeps back together with blank lines to back. It’s a modular design in which the goggles (like ski/snowboard design ) and confront mask/mouthguard can be taken off. The distance between the face and the goggles signifies the Shark Raw helmet may be worn with eyeglasses beneath the goggles.

5. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet

If you’d like a highly rated 3/4 motorcycle helmet with a faceguard, contemplate this choice from ScorpionExo. It’s made of innovative LG polycarbonate to distribute impact better, while also reducing the weight. Additionally, it includes a retractable tinted sun visor that reduces eye pressure when riding in various light conditions. You receive the dark smoke visor along with an additional clear visor for night excursions.

This helmet includes dual-density EPS for the best relaxation and also contains a detachable front mask using neodymium magnets. In general, you’ll discover that the ride is enjoyable, particularly when utilizing the no-fog visor for security. When utilized in a 3/4 manner, in addition, there are block-off plates contained. The purchase price of this model is not poor, taking into consideration the brand recognition and caliber.

Much like the previous version, this helmet includes a seven-year guarantee for the greatest protection. Contrary to the previous version, it is possible to locate many different sizes. Pick from x-small, little, medium, big, x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large to match various head sizes. The only disadvantage is that the helmet just comes in Black. If you’re wanting to showcase your distinctive style, this may not be the perfect helmet for the own ride.

6. Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet

All these Biltwell 3/4 helmets supply you with a retro appearance by providing you the utmost security and comfort. This strong design helmet not only provides you design but also security to the maximum degree. For this, the helmet is thought of as one of the top 3/4 motorcycle helmets.

The helmet is supposed to have a very lovely look with its own matte finishing. The helmet includes a gorgeous hand-painted finishing that will mesmerize everybody. This lightweight helmet with amazing completing and robust design supplies you all and keeps you safe.

The helmet includes a rather comfy and habit fit.it is intended to fit all of the dimensions and shapes of their heads. The helmet is DOT certified for security criteria. The helmet is available in glossy and matte both completing.

7. Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet

All of Westt motorcycle helmets have been created and made primarily for security and style. The Rover looks fantastic, feels better. The helmet is black around and very slick. The best shell is constructed from hard and light ABS, among the most effective thermoplastic polymers, and contains excellent impact absorbing properties. The best shell additionally includes vents to the inflow and outflow of air for heating the interior layers and aerodynamics.

Additionally, it has interchangeable side components in various colors – Black, Grey, and Blue, or so the helmet look great no matter what you are wearing. Can you forget your sunglasses? Does not matter today, the Rover includes a retractable anti-scratch unified sunlight protector visor, which can be compatible with glasses. On a bright day, you are able to slip down the sun visor to shield your eyes and have a very clear perspective to escape away.

This helmet is very light, weighing 2.4 lbs, you will barely feel it on your head. Head freedom is great for this unit. In addition to being lightweight, the interior lining is perfectly stitched and super comfy. The inner line cushioning can also be washable, it is possible to remove and fit it from the helmet readily.

8. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser

The Daytona Open Face Helmet Cruiser includes an extremely flexible size range to match all sorts of individuals. It’s surpassed the DOT FMVSS 218 certificate. Despite being among those lower-profile helmets, it deserves to be on the record for its excellent quality. The helmet is lift-free, even at elevated rates that even the most esteemed businesses don’t attain.

It proves an ideal fitting the helmet supplies, and also the dimensions it includes just makes it a superior masterpiece. The interior provides great ventilation to the consumers, and it doesn’t allow the perspiration and moisture to stay around for long. It includes snap-on goggles plus a quick-release lock to the visor.

To put it differently, use the bubble visors in case you desire and readily one-finger snap them to eliminate them if you would like to feel that the winds brushing against your face. The business is so confident in their product that they offer you a 90-days money-back guarantee due to their own helmet.

9. LS2 Helmets Open Face Track Helmet

‘Helmet conveniences’ is rather a new thing to a lot of riders that are everyday commuters but it is not new to motorcycle enthusiasts like the rest of us. For these, a straightforward DOT-compliant helmet is enough to believe they are safe. However, the attributes and relaxation thing as much as security. That is the reason why folks like us exist that we may help you get exactly what you want.

If you are having trouble locating an open-face helmet that lets you block sunlight glare, oppose the end, and revel in the ride at precisely the exact same time, then another helmet on the listing of open-face helmets allow you to perform each of the aforementioned.

The helmet I am referring to is none apart from the OF569 Track open-face helmet, crafted and brought to life by LS2 itself. The LS2 is rather an attractive helmet, which can be outfitted with HPTT (High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology), which includes a powerful, sturdy shell to safeguard you from effect while at precisely the exact same time supplying lightness to your own ride with a thick helmet. The HPTT is an aerodynamic shell built to offer stability at elevated rates.

10. Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

Here really is the coolest open face motorcycle helmet within this listing. If you’re a lover of Harley, dual-sport, knee dragger, or café racer, this helmet is right for you. The appearance of it’s going to grab a breath and also will bring in every eye on the street, the layout is right from this box, it resembles a skull. Although this helmet looks like a complete face version it isn’t. It’s an open face helmet that has a face mask and goggles.

The face mask along with the goggles do not provide protection against the effect but it can protect the consumer from wind and dust. Having a lightweight injected thermoplastic shell that the consumer may ride for longer intervals without annoyance. Additionally, the consumer can expect good protection against the shell too.

Users can get rid of the mask should they want. The mask could be detached or attached to the goggles. Additionally, there’s a fast launch goggle system also, in case you do not need you can eliminate the goggles too. Speaking about the goggles, they supply a really wider perspective and they’re anti-fog goggles which enhance the eyesight to a huge extent. Not just that, the goggles are scratch-resistant also.

11. Gmax Gm54S Modular Helmet Flat Black

The GMax GM 54S, very similar to this Nolan, is a modular (and 3/4 helmet) with a retractable sun protector, a lightweight little casing design that sits low on the mind. An inner reverse guard is easily raised or reduced with a lever situated on the outside side of the open face helmets.

There’s a one-hand simple to use chin bar push to open mechanism together with chin vents flowing atmosphere easily upward across the inside of the shield that prevents fogging. The selection of vision is enhanced dramatically by the big eye-port as well as also the distortion-free clear single lens protector.

A superb twist in the shield reduces unwanted atmosphere and sound. There’s an optional red brake light kit using a recently integrated blue-green reddish L.E.D rear lighting. There’s a good deal of great things to say about this GMax helmet and that’s the reason it is still one of the greatest sellers every year.

12. TORC (T50 Route 66) 3/4 Helmet with Baller Graphic

You do not need to devote a whole lot to locate retro 3/4 motorcycle helmets. This thinnest 3/4 motorcycle helmet is lightweight and comfy. This super-slim helmet also includes a detachable ultra-suede lining that supplies the sensation of authentic leather at no price. Moreover, this design helps to ensure that all moisture is wicked away in the mind to get a more enjoyable ride.

This DOT-approved helmet also contains an innovative saline aluminum alloy shell for optimum protection and endurance. Additionally, the business throws a three-year guarantee on the helmet to provide you more reassurance. According to the current reviews, there are only a few reasons to suppose this helmet may fail. The majority of the consumers are pleased to supply a five-star score.

The very best aspect of the helmet is your price. Additionally, it comes in an assortment of sizes to ensure a perfect match. When there are a lot of styling choices, a number aren’t choices you’d pick for the women’s 3/4 motorcycle helmets. This helmet is one of the greatest funding choices. We like you could save money while enjoying the comfort and style you would like. There is no reason to invest more than required to get out to the open street.

13. YEMA YM-627 Motorbike Moped Jet Bobber Pilot

This YEMA helmet is thought to be among the very best value for money. This helmet offers maximum value for the amount spent. It’s a high-quality expert helmet that provides the very best performance, security, and relaxation.

This helmet includes numerous innovative and improved features and innovative design to offer maximum value to its own customers. This helmet may be used for various biking classes like street motorcycles, racing, scooter, and lots more.

For relaxation on your rides, this helmet has an adjustable venting system. The vents to make and exhaust air are flexible to keep the warmth of your selection. This helps to keep up the rider cool and keep them dry. The helmet is DOT approved helmet.

14. MMG 207 Motorcycle Cruiser 3/4 Shell Open Face Helmet

The MMG 207 is destined for cafe racers. The 3/4 helmet is broadly compatible though, comfy for ATV, Adventure, Scooter, UTV, Cruiser/ Touring, along with other Street bicycles. This MMG has an old school design, it’s an assorted number of distinct colors and graphic layout. The MMG is really old school, it’s a D-ring chin strap which makes it totally authentic for its prime look.

The helmet comes with an aerodynamic design and is well vented. The helmet contains a bubble snap-on visor and a set of elastic windproof goggles. The visor is sturdy and serves its own function, it is going to offer color for your eyes. The MMG 207, nevertheless, does not have a face protector or some other excess protection to your eyes and face. Although, wearing eyeglasses, goggles, face masks, etc. . highly compatible.

This distinct open face helmet has been accommodated just for what it is designed for. The same as a café racer, the 3/4 is lightweight, comfy, and optimized for speed. Although this open face helmet isn’t acceptable for extended rides, it is ideal for short and fast rides, just such as a café racer.

15. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser

The Daytona helmets have been created to your comfort and security. The right fit might feel comfortable – they should fit comfortably yet closely for your own protection.

The simple fact that this helmet meets and surpasses D.O.T. Safety Standards FMVSS 218 means to you and your loved ones which: It can safeguard your HEAD in the event of a crash! Simple! Mushroom or no mushroom seem? Less crucial than the security of your mind.

Not all helmets which promise to be Department of Transportation accepted are created really DOT approved! This is the tiniest LOW-PROFILE DOT half helmet which has passed a certified laboratory evaluation. . .unlike others.

The very last thing you need to consider higher rates is a dig brought on through an embarrassing and narrow chin strap that pinches or pulls your hair. That is distracting and harmful! The place of our chin strap may be adjusted forwards or back to protect against this and watch over the beard of the ones that have appeared to develop.

16. GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet

This GLX Unisex cruiser helmet differs from others as it is not a motorcycle helmet precisely, the manufacture has made this helmet for scooters. Therefore, if you’re seeking a motorcycle helmet that this one is not an alternative. Let us see exactly what this helmet brings with it.

Its extensive manufacture includes internal liner parts that possess the capability to absorb and disperse light impacts during the liners ensuring that the head in the helmet stays secure. With this one, you receive a sun shield that will protect against UV rays from entering your eyes. And if you do not require that, you can retract deploy and that afterward too.

The strap is quick-release and does not cause any annoyance whilst riding. The interior materials are extremely comfortable, they’re removable and washable also. If you would like to add sound equipment, this helmet includes choices for this too.

There are just a few things that the consumer has discovered annoying that are, the chin strap does not include padding so once you attach the strap snugly it may hurt a little.

Buying Guide For Best 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet 

Folks pick open face motorcycle helmets for a number of factors. To begin with, this style provides maximum airflow and tons of venting. Without a chin bar, you get lots of air to your face.

Additionally, the 3/4 motorcycle helmets are lighter and more comfortable than other choices. In the end, riders get a broader field of view, making sure there are not any obstacles while enjoying the sights.

Type Of Riding & Frequency

How can you intend on using your motorcycle? The 3/4 open confront DOT motorcycle helmet should match your riding needs if you’d like it to operate properly. If you’re planning to ride every day for your sail, you’ll face unique requirements from the rider who participates in racing. Additionally, you need to consider how many times you intend to ride, particularly in the event that you want a lightweight helmet for everyday usage.

Helmet Shell Construction

You need your helmet to maintain under any condition, which explains the reason you have to assess the materials used for construction. Look at either the crown (outer shell) and the center (inner casing ). These components can be reached from EPScarbon fiber, carbon fiber, Lexan polycarbonate, and fiberglass composite. Since the helmet consists of more durable stuff, it is possible to expect the cost to rise accordingly.

Helmet Weight & Size

You do not wish to ride around town sporting a heavy motorcycle helmet. Having a lightweight helmet, you may enjoy a more comfortable ride. Additionally, a lighter helmet transports less electricity if an effect occurs, which really provides additional security. On the other hand, the lighter the helmet is, the greater the cost increases.


If you do not have a comfortable helmet, then you won’t need to put on it. To begin with, you need to assess the match to make sure it’s properly secured to your mind. Then, you would like to check at the lining and the venting. Removable and flexible liners give the comfiest and also permit you to minimize stress stains.

Safety Features

The most significant reason to put on a helmet is to keep it safe. That is the reason it does no good to put money into a helmet that will not shield your mind during an effect. Moreover, you have to assess the size of the helmet to make sure it fits properly. In the end, examine the shell and shield design to ensure the perfect fit.

Safety Ratings & Certifications

When you have a look at the available options, you wish to appraise the motorcycle helmet credentials and security evaluations. Open face helmets are usually seen as less secure than other options, but it is possible to discover exactly the very same certifications. Look through the greatest open face motorcycle helmet reviews to locate choices that are DOT, ECE, and Snell certified.

Extra Features

You do not need to obtain a fundamental helmet but can discover choices that have many features contained. Think about the advantages of having a 3/4 motorcycle helmet with a visor. These visors can comprise either tinted or clear fashions, in addition to anti-scratch and anti-fog properties. What’s more, you may add some technology into a helmet to get more flexibility, like integrating a Bluetooth communications program.

Price & Warranty

As you look through the open face motorcycle helmets available, you’ll discover many different price points. You will find cheap motorcycle helmets and the ones that are regarded as the top of the line. Try not to get overly hung up on the purchase price, but concentrate rather on getting the best deal for the price. Purchase from a respectable manufacturer and try to find a lengthy warranty for much more reassurance.


3/4 or Open Face helmets include good ventilation, better visibility, and therefore are lightweight which makes them ideal for in-city rides, individuals who wear eyeglasses, for paths that have high pollution and traffic. The listing comprises the top models available, they have been tested by specialists and are an option for a lot of expert motorcycle riders!

We hope you receive the perfect 3/4 motorcycle helmet on your own from those 16 best 3/4 motorcycle helmet reviews. We’ve reviewed each and every version as completely as possible so you are able to make the best buy. Aside from that, we’ve attached an extremely detailed purchasing guide also and which is going to allow you a lot to obtain the perfect helmet for your sort of ride.

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