15 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

There is nothing more flexible than the usual dual sport helmet since you can use it on the street and away from the street. It combines the best characteristics of a dirt motorcycle helmet and a road motorcycle helmet. It takes the form and fashion of an off-road helmet along with the face of a road motorcycle helmet.

There is a lot of things to look at in regards to choosing and buying a new top dual-sport motorcycle helmet – funding, technicality, security, riding kind, and much more – thus use this buyer’s guide as a starting point.

Producers of all types have jumped to the ADV helmet marketplace to provide us a smorgasbord of choices to select from. We have put together the listing best dual sport motorcycle helmet below to offer adv-curious riders a brand new post to have a look at the complete selection. From budget-minded to pricey feature-packed lids, there is something here for everybody.

What Is a Dual-Sports Helmet?

These kinds of helmets protect the entire face and are ideal for on-road and off-road biking. It includes a visor and a chin-bar to provide much better security.

A double sports helmet can also be designed aerodynamically so the helmet doesn’t lift when the speed of this bicycle is large. These helmets have heating vents that help let out hot air and permit fresh and cool air to go into the helmet.

The visor connected with this kind of helmet helps to keep the cyclists’ eyes protected from any injury. These helmets also offer an extremely athletic and trendy appearance to the biker.

List of 15 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. Scorpion AT950 Helmet

  • The Scorpion EXO-AT950 helmet is just another screamin’ deal on the industry. The EXO-AT950 is similar to this MX-9 Adventure in many facets – a 5-year guarantee, a DOT approved polycarbonate casing, etc. – but sets itself apart with a single important differentiation: modularity. If you’re trying to find a modular helmet, then this one is it.
  • Scorpion’s EXO-AT950 was among the very first authentic modular ADV helmets, and it remains so now. The chin bar has three places and can readily be operated with only one hand, which makes it feasible to reverse the pub entirely out of the way.
  • This is useful for pretty much anything – by stopping and speaking to drinking and eating, you can simply lift the eyebrow bar instead of taking off the whole helmet. Another element in modularity is that the helmet’s removable helmet peak/exterior visor. With this removed, the helmet could be customized for anything off-road or on riding you would like to do.
  • Beyond its modularity, the EXO-AT950 has an unexpected variety of high-end attributes such as a drop-down sun visor (the only helmet in this lineup together with it), an optically right face protector, along a tool-less shield shifting system using Ellip-Tec.

2. 1Storm Dual Sport Helmet Motorcycle Full Face Motocross

  • The 1Storm HGXP-14A is really a fantastic all-purpose helmet that you could use on your dirtbike, Harley, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and a lot more.
  • With its sleek design, it is possible to turn lots of heads in your own way. It is neither bulky nor heavy so that it fits on mind only well even in long hours of a motorcycle ride.


  • The AFX FX-41 DS is a deal for a helmet. Packed to the gills with features, the AFX FX-41 helmet comprises conveniences absent from more costly competitors, but at a really reasonable price point.
  • The FX-41 DS helmet comprises a drop-down inner sun visor, 17 points of venting, a detachable summit visor, a large eye interface having optically correct UV and scratch-resistant face guard, along with a sterile and antimicrobial removable inner lining.

4. Gmax G5115076 Dual Sport Solid Helmet

  • The Gmax Double Sport Solid Helmet G5115076 is a superb option for riders using a small budget. That is a finely developed helmet that has a big eye interface that the large riding goggles can certainly adopt. It is a protective faceguard that will be readily reduced or completely raised when utilizing goggles.

5. NENKI NK-310 Dual Sport Enduro Motocross & Motorcycle Helmet

  • Most likely the very best dual sport motorcycle helmet of 2021, this version is guaranteed to steal away your heart with its bold and appealing design. It includes numerous fascinating features making it worth catching. It comes in 3 colors i.e. green skull picture, Matt red and black, matt black and fluo yellow.
  • It’s both a red iridium visor along with a transparent visor. It’s produced out of a high-quality thermoplastic shell which may quickly absorb shock. The best part is it comes at a really inexpensive rate, below $100. Together with the durability of this item, the compliments you’ll receive after wearing it will also be guaranteed!

6. Dainese SpA Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

  • This Italian manufacturer has more than half a century of helmet-building experience and a great deal of what it’s heard over the years has become the AX9 helmet. The helmet is a lightweight update to the AX-8 DS EVO helmet out of AGV. The business further updated and enhanced the lid and slapped the AX9 name onto it.
  • What you get is a lightweight carbon-fiber, aramid, and fiberglass casing that is offered in 3 sizes to lessen the bobblehead effect. The helmet also receives a toolless removable chin guard, five ports for airflow, a Pinlock-ready visor, a flexible summit, speaker pockets, plus a dual D-ring chin strap.
  • All in all, the AX9 is a top-notch double sport lid. It is a bit pricey but you’re paying for a few of the greatest figurines available in this area, so you sort of have to expect it to include a high price tag.

7. Triangle Full Face Lightweight, Aerodynamic, Comfortable Street Bike Motorcycle Helmets

  • Do you want a road motorcycle that provides you with super secure, comfy, and fashionable? The triangle bicycle street bicycle dual visor helmet is the one-stop option.
  • Unlike other dual game helmets, this headgear provides quality and essential attributes without inducing you to shut your lender. The mask is created with a sophisticated ABS shell and top thermoplastic technologies for resisting the fiercest of effects.
  • Additionally, there’s the multi-density EPS lining that serves as a shock absorber. Thus, letting the helmet shoot the shots while still keeping you apart from the jolt.
  • It’s super comfy because it exposes you to an uninterrupted source of the atmosphere with its own top and rear vents. This dual-sport motorcycle helmet also includes a double anti-scratch visor to provide you a complete view of your path in addition to a fast-changing system.
  • Luckily, it is extra-comfortable internal paddings that are detachable, washable, and antibacterial constructed. Thus, you do not need to fret about the perspiration since possible to always sundry or wash.

8. Arai XD4 Helmet

  • Arai is the first of three top helmets we pay in this manual. It has been around for a little while, however, it remains one of our favorites year after year and frequents our ADV helmet buyer’s guide.
  • The Arai XD4 is incredibly comfy – riders here have placed the helmet and not wished to take off it. This is a standard reaction, and therefore thinking about the helmet’s cheek pads and comfort liner.
  • With distinctive 5mm peel-away side/temple crown pads, then you are able to personalize the comfort and fit of the helmet to provide it even more interior width as required. You won’t notice that attribute in almost any additional helmet, but that is only the tip of the iceberg for your XD4’s attributes.
  • Safety can also be a priority at the Arai using its R75 shell layout; created as much as possible without any hard edges, the R75 shell allows the helmet to slip in case of a crash instead of snag or stumble.
  • This security feature contributes not just to the helmet DOT certificate but in addition its revered Snell certificate. In addition to that, convenience functions its way through the helmet using big exhaust ports, a broad chin bar port, along with a pivoting face guard system.

9. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet

  • At 3.3 pounds, the extra-small Bell MX-9 is maybe among the very lightweight dual sports helmets available on the market now.
  • It is a middleweight ADV helmet that combines the very best features appropriate for both dirt and road motorcycling functions.
  • If you are a rider who would like to push the bounds rather than cease when the street ends, then that Bell MX-9 may fit you.

10. KLIM Krios Pro Helmet ECE/DOT

  • The newest KLIM Krios Guru is the most recent offering in the KLIM helmet lineup. This brand new helmet packs a lot of technology and flexibility into its hand-laid carbon fiber casing.
  • Using carbon fiber is not the sole weight-saving step, however. After viewing Koroyd substance employed from the KLIM F5, using the new substance from the Krios Guru is the very first-time Koroyd has been utilized at a road motorcycle helmet.
  • Koroyd is a lightweight makeup of compacted polymer tubes and asserts to consume up to 48 percent more energy compared to conventional EPS during an effect. And of course, it ventilates rather well, also.
  • The Krios Pro includes fully adjustable forehead and chin vents in addition to KLIM’s KLIMATEK removable antimicrobial moisture-wicking lining. Refined aerodynamics in the preceding Krios version is believed to supply a quieter ride and greater stability whatsoever.
  • The helmet is readily converted to four different riding styles: experience, which is the way the helmet is put up from this box, dual-sport by means of goggles with the protect still attached, off-road with goggles along with the shield eliminated, and road together with the summit removed.

11. ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

  • This dual-sport motorcycle helmet is a favorite for a broad selection of activities. It is perfect if you like a variety of high-adrenaline sports since it provides riders the choice of utilizing it as an off-road, full face, or rally helmet.
  • This helmet includes a detachable face guard, which can be a significant advantage for outside sports. The tinted inside viewfinder is a much-loved attribute and retains the rider’s security.
  • But if you’re seeking a helmet that provides improved visibility, then the ILM is the one you’re searching for. The wide-angle, HD enhanced clear lens was made to enhance peripheral vision and provide anglers a better picture of what is about them, improving stability and protection.

12. LS2 Helmets Open Face Track Helmet

  • Produced by LS2 helmets that this DOT approved version is the best choice for road sportbikes. It’s offered in a broad selection of sizes from X-small to XXX-large, and it’s unquestionably the one which you ought to go for!
  • Together with a number of sizes, the manufacturer offers as many as 10 distinct colors combined with this particular piece. You do not need to worry about having skin peeled in the UV rays as it has an integrated sunscreen. The design of the model is well worth falling for; no wonder it’s excellent reviews from buyers.

13. Woljay Dual Sport Off Road Motorcycle Helmet

  • Woljay is among the most highly recognized brands in the industry now. One of the products is that this quality, elegant, and cheap dual sport motorcycle helmet using a sun visor.
  • This open-faced layout helmet is constructed with a sophisticated ABS casing to give it a super slim and mobile appearance. It is, nevertheless, offering you superb protection from external effects. Along with the lightweight attributes make it effortless to use it for a long-distance without denying any prospect of neck strain.
  • The machine has vents that allow air intake and an exhaust scoop for rancid air. It’s acceptable for all ages since it comes in a variety of sizes. To protect you completely from sunlight rays, this dual sport helmet also has a dark visor which could be easily detached to get a normal individual –providing its consumer more riding option.
  • There is also the trendy interior cushioning that retains its user-friendly and secure and the inscribed DOT certificate in the trunk for legitimate safety approval.

14. Westt Storm X – Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • DOT FMVSS No.218 motorcycle helmet lawfully approved for use throughout the USA. Anti-scratch outer visor that is easy to remove and wash and an incorporated sun-shield.
  • Comfortable padding that produces a fantastic fit all around your face and head. The lining is detachable and washable and there are lots of venting points for a ride.
  • Lightweight ABS shell weighs just 3.5pounds (1600g) using shock-absorbent multi-density EPS for a secure ride.

15. Voss 600 Dually Dual Sport Helmet

  • If you perspire a whole lot, then you may require a dual sport helmet which will keep you cool throughout the day. The Voss Helmets 600 includes a moisture-wicking inside to help keep you warm even on hot summer days. It is packed with additional fantastic features, which makes it a fantastic value for the money.

Buying Guide for the Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Whether you are a motorcycle rider or a sports biker, then you want to acquire a helmet that provides you the very best protection. Some variables have to be considered to possess the best dual sport motorcycle helmet that you need:


Deciding on the right helmet size for you is just another preventative measure since an extremely tight or loose helmet doesn’t guarantee maximum security for you. To find the ideal match for your mind, use a measuring tape to measure the fullest aspect of your mind. It is a simple job however, you can find a spouse to do it for you in the event that you find it hard.

Measurement ranges of little helmets range from 53-56 cm, moderate size helmets from 57-58 cm, large helmets from 59-60 cm, along with extra-large ones are out of 60-62 cm. However, you might also refer to this guide to get more size options from the manufacturer.


Comfort is an important aspect to keep an eye out for while buying a dual-sport motorcycle helmet. You would not wish to really go for something weighty and that is likely to cause pain or strain in your spine. But it’s safer to choose durable, lightweight helmets together with the influx and atmosphere outflow for good ventilation.

Foul Smell

When sweats get in the helmet after routine use, it starts stinking badly. There’s also an accumulation of grime, which is equally unpleasant and discomforting to the rider.

The very best dual sport motorcycle helmet which may be employed to prevent this sort of scenario is one that is able to help you keep proper hygiene. So, go to get a helmet that has a removable, washable, and antibacterial lining to keep your helmet relaxing and fresh.

Sun Protection

Since spending quite a while in sunlight, most bike riders have undergone skin darkening in their hands, especially the riders that ride extreme terrain and hot weather. Dual sport helmets would be the ideal option in this attention to prevent resistant and distress as it includes all the UV beam and heat protection attributes. A dual sport helmet also protects you from wind and cold.


While helmets are made to guard the mind, a number of them can lead to hearing problems as a result of sound emanating from them. Noise happens when high air strikes the helmet. Therefore, it’s important to select a noiseless helmet to prevent irritating noises once the motorcycle is at a high rate.


Dual sport motorcycle helmets are a combo of full-face helmets in addition to motocross helmets. The extended peaks and protracted face guards are the most obvious feature of these helmets. These are especially helpful for riders since they avoid stones, gravel, and other debris when riding off-road.

But it’s ideal to choose helmets that provide all of the crucial features at a substantial cost, although your choice is dependent solely on your financial plan. But if you would like the best dual-sport motorcycle helmet with high quality, then which can even help you save.

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