16 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Among the very best motorcycle helmets around, and perhaps the most popular kind would need to be modular motorcycle helmets. Modular motorcycle helmets are available in a new tab. Offer passengers an exceptional blend of attributes and attributes, which makes them more flexible and more comfortable compared to other helmets.

Locating one of the best modular motorcycle helmets on your own can be rather tricky since you need to pick from a vast array of features like size, shell design, visor, venting, and much more. When there are dozens and dozens of modular helmets available for sale, maybe not all of them will keep you comfy and secure.

Our comprehensive breakdown of the very best modular motorcycle helmets available now. We’ve looked at the best-selling modular motorcycle helmets and broken down them feature by feature so that you don’t need to. Below, I have pulled together the 16 best modular helmets, so with no more idle conversation, let us dive in.

List Of 16 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. Shoei Neotec Brilliant Yellow Modular Helmet

The Shoei Neotec also falls into the class of premium helmets. As for me, I enjoy this helmet really much since there are a lot of reasons to opt for this helmet on lots of the other helmets on the marketplace. And if you do not think what I mentioned, then you have to proceed through this overview of this Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet. I am certain that you won’t be disappointed in the long run.

The Shoei Neotec is an all-around helmet, which can be manufactured for each event. The Shoei Neotec excels in ADV touring. If we speak about its shell layout, then the Shoei Neotec modular helmet includes a solid, lightweight, shell structure. It will provide you the security and security of this full-face helmet since it includes the Shoei exclusive multi-ply Matrix AIM casing and Dual-Layer EPS lining. Both of these layers increase your security and shelter you from acute head injuries.

The Shoei Neotec includes a distinctive Ventilation System. It’s various vents at the upper and lower regions for air consumption. These vents help to keep aerodynamic equilibrium. This flip-up helmet will help you with cool-air ingestion and hot-air expulsion.

The Shoei Neotec is outfitted with all the CNS-1 Shield, which will enhance the width and height of your own field of vision. It is going to also protect you from your direct UV rays of the Sun. In addition, it will come with a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system. You are able to alter the shield in the Neotec helmet quite easily due to Shoei’s patented spring-loaded technologies and its own 3D injection molding procedure to make sure you have a distortion-free perspective whilst riding your bicycle.

The inside system of this Shoei Neotec modular helmet is totally detachable, washable, and replaceable. Its multi-layer cheek pads can provide you maximum stability and comfort when riding at high speed. If you compare this particular helmet together with another helmet we speak about in this segment, then it’s possible to observe that this helmet is a bit heavier than other people are.

2. YEMA YM-926 Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

Moving up the listing of the best modular motorcycle helmets, we’ll think about the Yewa Modular Motorbike Crash Helmet. It stays on the top menu of masks use within this decade.

Adding removable and washable liner and cheek pads, cleaning your helmets becomes rather smooth and easy. You are able to keep your helmet in great condition at any way times with no horrible odor from sweat and warmth.

The appearance of this version can be something to entice every shopper. The exterior component of this helmet is made of a sturdy and top-notch ABS shell.

This material is tough enough to create your helmet more usable on the street and off-road. Regarding the interior, the helmet has been constructed out of a high-density, impact-resistant EPS substance. This substance ensures that in case of a collision, the rider does not feel much effect of the harm.

3. AGV Unisex-Adult Flip-Up Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmet

A game-changing modular which could easily pass as a sports helmet in case you did not know better, the AGV Sportmodular is constructed entirely out of carbon fiber. This makes it among the lightest helmets on the current market, modular or differently.

It fits tight just like a sports helmet, also, with a detachable and removable inner lining allowing the rider to select the side that is ideal for the ailments. The visor takes Pinlock 120 inserts for superior anti-fog capacities, and there is a drop-down sun visor built-in.

The shield itself is synonymous without tools. Three shell sizes cover the entire selection of XS-3XL helmet dimensions, and five-density EPS helps decrease injury in a collision.

Modulars lend themselves nicely to communicators, and also the Sportmodular is not any different, since it comes equipped with stainless pockets to take a communicator. In general, we are delighted with Sportmodular’s functionality.

4. HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC IS-MAX II is a multi-purpose modular motorcycle helmet that leaves your whole ride the security and relaxation you deserve. This version does not only fulfill the Department of Transportation (DOT) safety and quality criteria, it surpasses them. Besides its multiple and amazing features, its intermediate oval shape fits a bigger amount of individuals with broadheads.

The HJC IS-Max II is lightweight and includes an outer shell, made from refined polycarbonate composite plus a polycarbonate one-button eyebrow bar. It is highly protective and may absorb significant impacts.

Contrary to other helmets, this one permits you to open its strong face guard’s chin bar with gloves and with a single hand. Additionally, the Pinlock visor of this HJC IS-Max II is optically superior sufficient to protect your face from UV rays, fogging, and scratching. Additionally, the package includes a method for fast slide shield replacement. (Pinlock Insert Lens sold separately).

Having an HJC IS-Max II, riders undergo an Advanced Channeling Ventilation system that’s intended to eliminate humidity or distribute airflow back and front. The moisture-wicking cloth from the inside provides exceptional comfort to this great layout. Anyway, the lining and cheek pads are both washable and removable.

5. Shoei Neotec II Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

The Shoei Neotec 2 helmet is just another helmet that has a cut over 99 percent of what is available in the industry. This helmet would be the Cadillac of modular layouts. There is only a great deal to it. The helmet includes an integrated sun visor, exceptional chin-bar latching mechanism, exceptionally comfy detachable interior lining, Pinlock visor, good ventilation, sound isolator cheek pads, chin curtain, breath shield, and a ratcheting chin strap.

The helmet shell supplies a five-ply matrix structure and comes in four distinct sizes. This helps to keep the helmet bigger on your mind and eradicates the bobblehead that seems common on a few modular helmets. The shell is aerodynamic and will not catch the end suddenly.

In terms of the EPS, the interior lining is a dual-layer layout and was created in numerous bits to absorb influences better than several other EPS liners available on the market. The major drawback to the helmet is the simple fact that the paint finish might be a bit better and that it is quite costly.

6. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Motorcyclists are now able to socialize easily with their coworkers together with all the Bluetooth helmet. This connection can be used with smartphones, too. This is quite useful since these helmets are now able to allow you to listen to your favorite music or even when you’re riding, now you can use your cellphone for management.

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is among those well-known on the marketplace Bluetooth Helms. Like any other Bluetooth helmet, the ILM motorcycle helmet offers protection and a way of communicating and navigating.

7. HJC Helmets Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC Strong Men’s CL-MAX 3 is just another excellent modular helmet that provides a lot of features for the little package. It supplies a single-button launch chin bar, an effective venting system, along SuperCool inside.

This intermediate oval shape helmet has passed on or perhaps surpassed the security ratings of DOT which makes it a fantastic companion on the road.

8. AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The AHR Full Face Flip Up helmet is a DOT-approved helmet that’s famous for the amount of relaxation it provides cyclists. It’s a significantly cushioned and padded interior, together with air vents–providing stability and comfort in any kind of terrain or ride that you would like to handle.

It sports one of the most comfortable, best modular layouts. In addition to its high level of relaxation, the HR Modular helmet is wear-resistant and impact-resistant to guard you against any mishaps that could happen.

9. ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet

This modular motorcycle helmet includes an embedded TCT ultra prepreg casing. This innovative TCT ultra shell construction uses a proprietary 5-layer substance mix of interlaced and specially formulated fibers which are pre-impregnated using resins that help in making a solid yet lightweight construction that consists of a casing, which makes it among the best modular motorcycle helmets available on the marketplace.

The motorcycle helmets can also be included in a base plate that’s elliptic in form. The base plate employed in such motorcycle helmets includes a ratchet system that employs an elliptical movement helping in making sure a suitable seal.

The elliptic ratchet system also allows for 100 percent tool-less shield shifting within a matter of minutes. Additionally, it included a rate perspective sun visor that is retractable. This retractable inner sun visor alters its rankings inside a simple slip of a switch on any side that is comfortable for the rider.

The modular motorcycle helmets include an ever apparent no-fog faceguard. The shield that is housed inside this bicycle is an optically clear shield that is made up of this state-of-the-art anti-scratch coating that’s hardened and promises 100 percent UV protection.

The town style tab included in such bicycle helmets allows the shield to be secured or left open that assists in the gentle stream of air into the protection and to the insides of the helmet.

10. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

There’s a reason why a different HJC modular helmet is that our pick among the most effective modular helmets. As for me, I used this helmet for quite a very long moment. Because, whenever I want to speak to somebody without removing the helmet “HJC IS-Max two is the one”.

The HJC IS-Max II is a helmet that’s well worth every cent that you purchase. You will find multiple, amazing features offered within this helmet.

The HJC IS-Max II includes the Advanced Channeling Ventilation system, which allows quick removal of humidity. Front and back vents help disperse the warmth. Using its SuperCool Interior and moisture-wicking cloth, you won’t feel uneasy. All the cheek pads are removable and interchangeable. It is possible to wash the cheek-pads if it is demanded.

11. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet includes Bluetooth 3.0 technologies that permit riders to link to their own telephones, make and receive messages and calls, and listen to and flow favorite songs. They’re also able to utilize the GPS management system stably and easily.

The helmet comes with a sophisticated vent system that enriches riding. Additionally, there are removable, washable liners, and cheek pads. The boat can be deodorant, which makes the journey comfy. The Department of Transport guarantees safety, security, and security since the helmet meets all security requirements and criteria.

12. Bell SRT Modular Street Helmet

The Bell SRT-Modular (not to be mistaken with all the non-modular SRT) provides almost all of the safety features anybody short of a hardcore racer could desire, together with the convenience road riders will adore.

The SRT modular consists of a lightweight fiberglass composite shell in one of two dimensions, XS-L and XL-3XL. Pockets for communicators are constructed in the EPS protective coating, and also the anti-bacteria relaxation liner is washable and removable to assist in preventing helmet funk that could develop in warm weather.

The lining can also be overwhelmingly harmonious, which means that you may wear your prescription eyeglasses or your favorite colors without pain. Other characteristics include a drop-down sun visor, a Panovision face protector with course one optics, along with a cost that will not break your bank.

13. AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

If you adore your Chopper’s classic styling and mindset, think about fitting a German-style retro half-helmet. These casts are not out of fashion! The Open Face Helmet AHR includes a domed style for further visual effects. It’s also made from high-quality ABS using a thick buffer layer so that it is as strong as it’s cool.

14. LS2 Helmets Modular Valiant Helmet

Nothing looks cooler compared to match your Harley Davidson with the LS2 Helmets Valiant. This modular motorcycle helmet will get you secure for extended rides with its double defense system along with ultra-light Kinetic polymer-metal shell. Its 180-degree reverse makes it look innovative and distinctive in the marketplace.

15. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular

The 1Storm Modular Helmet is a highly rated motorcycle helmet due to its innovative design and endurance. This DOT-approved helmet provides innovative flip-up capabilities along with a Dual Lens layout.

This layout involves an interior smoked lens along with an outer transparent face shield, together with UV protection, for a number of the greatest visibility provided by any complete face helmet on this listing.

This includes a lightweight, yet durable outer shell made from aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy. As with other helmets within this listing, this feature provides maximum security, while remaining lightweight and comfy for you as you ride.

16. ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet

This modular motorcycle helmet includes an innovative LG polycarbonate shell structure which promises in providing additional strength and durability to the helmet. Additionally, it assists in adding additional strength to the substance making it more pliable. This motorcycle helmet could be categorized among the best-rated modular motorcycle helmets due to the inclusion of an appealing feature that’s that the dual-density EPS which assists in protecting the rider and the helmet out of inducing any damages because of free fall.

This modular motorcycle helmet additionally includes an innovative feature that’s that the aero-tuned venting system which aids in directing the atmosphere easily through the vanes of the helmet that ensures no distress is experienced by the rider. These modular motorcycle helmets include an ever apparent no-fog faceguard. The shield that’s housed inside this bicycle is an optically clear shield that is made up of this state-of-the-art anti-scratch coating that’s hardened and promises 100 percent UV protection.

This modular motorcycle helmet also is composed of an eye-port that’s oversize, which basically suggests that riders who have any head size may easily utilize this modular motorcycle helmet. This eye-port will help in maintaining the dust particles from the way when you’re riding through rough or rough streets. This modular motorcycle helmet also includes a one-piece manufacturer guarantee.

Buying Guide For Best Modular Motorcycle HelmetĀ 

Here are some items to consider when looking to buy the best modular motorcycle helmet with a full face:

1. Safety

Modular design helmets, in the same way as any other kind of motorcycle helmet, are all analyzed to measure their security. There are 3 kinds of safety certificates You Will find about the top modular motorcycle helmets:

  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard (CPSC): This is the standard that a helmet you’re buying should have. It is the end-all-be-all of security standards, and when a helmet you’re buying does not have this standard, it implies the CPSC doesn’t think that it’s secure enough to support.
  • The Department of Transportation Certification (DOT): The Department of Transportation’s role in this certificate is to ascertain whether motorist helmets may be used on public streets.
  • SNELL Standards: SNELL is a business that certifies for innovative security features, meaning it is not an essential standard to get a helmet to be considered secure, but it is something to understand while performing your helmet purchasing.

Beyond security certificates, there are a few distinctive elements of the modular helmet that, when done wrong, can make you safe and protected. By way of instance, the signature characteristic of modular motorcycle helmets is that it flips up to alter it by a complete face to an open face helmet. It is important to make certain that the helmet is sturdy enough that a part of it will not turn back down as you are riding. Additionally, it is important to get accustomed to the helmet prior to using it, so that you understand are utilized for it if riding.

2. Lightweight Comfort

Modular style motorcycle helmets are far comfier than other styles due to the capacity to correct them in full-face to receptive face styles, based on personal taste, climate, terrain, etc.

Characteristics to look for when keeping comfort in mind are venting systems to maintain the helmet watertight (most useful on sunny and hot days), sufficient cushioning and cushion to the interior of the helmet (rather moisture-wicking), a UV protection sun visor to shield you from damaging UV rays, along with a neck roll to decrease sound.

3. Sizing

Your helmet may have each of the security standard certifications on the planet, but when it does not match, it won’t be successful in keeping you secure and shielding. That is the reason it’s essential that you understand how to ascertain the dimensions which you ought to use and how to locate those dimensions.

To measure your mind, you’ll need a tape measure. As soon as you’ve got that, choose the tape measure and wrap it around your mind directly above your own eyebrows, keeping the tape level.

Therefore, if you are planning to proceed with a one-size-fits-all version, then it is ideal to try it to make sure it matches. If you are shopping online, check to be certain that there is a return policy and make sure also to examine the exact dimensions manually. Additionally, one useful approach to correct a one-size-fits-all helmet would be to find one which includes additional padding which you may add in when the helmet is too big.

4. Durability

Together with the other things in this manual, durability is a vital part of a modular helmet, keeping you secure. It is essential to discover a helmet that could take care of a collapse or even a collision, rather than just staying undamaged but keeping you secure and secure as well.

If you’re searching for a durable helmet, the fabric of the outer shell is also a significant characteristic. Helmets made from durable and durable stuff like fiberglass or carbon fiber are all fantastic alternatives to search for in your search.

A helmet suspension is just another attribute linked to its durability. Attempt to locate a helmet that delivers an Omni-dimensional suspension, or so the helmet can manage effect at any angle and any seriousness.

5. Visibility

There are two factors to prominence, both equally significant. The first is ensuring you could see properly from your helmet, irrespective of weather conditions or terrain. The second is making sure that others around you can view you.

When thinking about the visibility of your self at modular apparel, start looking for helmets that are brightly colored or made in a means which is easy to spot from afar. When thinking about the visibility you have while wearing a helmet, be certain that you locate a modular helmet that securely flips down and up, so it is not slipping up and down as you are riding. Additionally, it is critical to ensure the helmet delivers the greatest peripheral vision potential so that you are able to be completely aware of everything and everyone around you as you ride.

6. Wrapping Up

To wrap up, if you’d like the very best of both worlds while browsing for a helmet one that does not compromise the complete motorcycle expertise and overall security and security – a modular helmet is right for you. When there are lots of terrific helmets on the current market, we believe there’s the ideal motorcycle helmet within this list for everybody, based upon your requirements and experience.


A modular helmet has the exact same security level as a full-face helmet also contains a removable Chin-bar so you can make it a half-face helmet also… anytime. Therefore, while riding you’ll have the ability to enjoy the surroundings’ clean air by getting rid of the chin-bar and substituting it on rough paths for improved security.

Having looked at the very best modular motorcycle helmets, it is time to do it. It is time to get into the industry and produce an arrangement for that lightweight and durable helmet that can serve your security function on the journey.

All these, however, can only be gotten by making a purchase, which suits your requirements fully, and sees which kind of helmet can work as a perfect companion on your trip. What exactly are you waiting for? Just read these reviews and decide on the modular motorcycle helmet that you think matches your wants the most.

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