10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Bag (2021 Review and Buyer’s Guide)

How does one transport your helmet from one place to another? Protect from scratches; you need the best motorcycle helmet bag for that. We tend to all agree a helmet may be a must-wear once riding a motorbike. However, transporting it around is usually troublesome thanks to the big size.

This can be wherever helmet luggage inherits play to assist you in transporting your helmet in a secure, simple, and trendy manner. A good motorcycle helmet bag takes care of your helmet and ensures it serves you for a long.

You withdraw your shiny new helmet, place it on the worktable in your garage, and stare at it fondly.

Returning some minutes later with a hot cup of low, you’re afraid to ascertain. It is rolling around the floor with scratch marks and a cracked visor. Your pet cat running down the garden may be a distant specification.

Your helmet is perhaps safest once resting on your head however removed from it, hidden dangers lurk everyplace.

Protective your helmet is over simply protective cosmetic appearances. Even minor injuries will weaken its structure and result in serious injury or death.

A best motorcycle helmet bag not solely protects your helmet. However, it’s additionally a convenient carrying device. Tucked below your arm, a helmet is damaged against doors, the studs and zippers of your riding jacket or get knocked to the ground by contrary passersby. Give your helmet a protected, safe, and scratch-free life by buying a protecting bag.

In this article, we will explore the world of the best motorcycle helmet bag and see which one wins our hearts.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Bag Reviews

1. Raider BCS-8B Durable Deluxe Nylon Motorcycle MX Helmet Bag

This is an associate degree other high-quality raider helmet bag with a sturdy 400D poly construction and an inner fleece. The inner lining offers protection to the helmet and different things making certain long-lived use. It’s associate degree extra-large bag that may work all helmet sizes.

The sturdy outer nylon is tear-resistant to serve you for a long. The gap and shutting of the bag are quite simple through the top-mounted two-way zippers. Overall, this can be a high-quality choice with an inbuilt slot at the bottom for D-ring attachment.

The Raider Deluxe Helmet Bag is made with a sturdy tear-resistant nylon shell with a soft fleece lining – consider it as baggage for your helmet. Its size fits nearly any helmet, as well as motocross models.

The top-mounted full two-way zipper makes it simple to quickly pack and retrieve your helmet, and a slot is made into the bottom for D-ring attachments. It’s storage to-go.


  • Top-mounted Two-way Zippers
  • Sturdy and Tear Resistant Nylon Material
  • Inner Fleece Lining
  • Engineered Slot in the Bottom for D-rings Attachments


  • Brand: Raider
  • Model: BCS-8B Deluxe Helmet Bag
  • Item Weight: 5.6 Ounces

2. Tillman TILLMAN – 520 Welders Welding Gear and Helmet Bag

The Tillman motorcycle helmet bag could be a good choice for welders to stay and transport their helmets safely. It’s a sturdy 600D polyester bag with massive capability on the most compartment to suit all bag sizes.

A string closure helps keep the helmet tightly secured once on transit. It additionally options two extra mesh pockets to carry a bottle and gloves. An additional loop closure pocket on the front helps store personal things like keys safely.
It is capable of holding just about any attachment helmet or attachment face shields.

The bag has 2 mesh facet pockets which will hold attachment gloves, water bottles, and attachment tools. A hook/loop closure front pocket is right for keys, cell phones, or dark glasses.


  • Sturdy 600D Polyester Material
  • Massive Capability Main Compartment to Store all Helmet Sizes
  • 2 mesh Facet Pockets
  • String Closure


  • Brand: Tillman
  • Model: Tillman 520
  • Item weight: 4 Ounces

3. Horze Motorcycle Helmet Bag

The Horze is the most straightforward helmet bag that includes a simple carry handle and nothing gap. It’s a high-quality bag with a nylon exterior shell to stay the helmet safe from water. This bag is waterproof and breathable and a perfect alternative for carrying your helmet.

It looks durable and can serve you for a long. it’s additionally simple to keep up by laundry employing a machine. shield your riding helmet throughout storage and travel with this easy nevertheless sturdy bag. This waterproof bag can facilitate preserve and maintain helmet quality by keeping it dry and clean. Quality nylon is sturdy and sleek.


  • Easy nylon Protection
  • Nothing Opening and Simple Carry Handle
  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • Durable


  • Brand: Horze
  • Model: SG_B01MPZHGPK_US
  • Item weight: 2.88 Ounces

4. Ogio Head Case Helmet Moto Bag

Measuring thirty-six centimeters wide and five centimeters high, the Ogio helmet bag is another nice size that may work a large variety of helmets. It options a sturdy 600D polyester construction and 420D polyester PVC for long-lived use and protection to your helmet.

It is a reasonably options bag with extra exterior pockets for different things. The lowest is strengthened for other protection, whereas foam panels and interior fleece protect offers within the protection from scratches. Zippers feature protecting teeth to forestall scratches once the gap.

OGIO specializes in innovative merchandise that is paralleled with the best quality construction exploitation premium materials that are strictly tested against blowouts, abrasion, color weakening. This belt pack, designed to suit waists from 28; to sixty, includes a front flip-down tool organizer pouch, twin facet storage pockets, and a cushioned aerated back panel for final comfort.

Oversized helmet bag fits all helmet brands and sizes with fins and while not. iFOM integrated foam panels and extra fleece interior provides the last word in protection. protecting zipper teeth closure prevents scratches from zippers.


  • Protecting Zipper Teeth to Forestall Scratches
  • Sturdy 600D Polyester
  • Foam Panels and Inner Fleece
  • Sturdy Strengthened Bottom


  • Brand: OGIO
  • Model: 121009.36
  • Item weight: 1.6 LBS

5. Raider BCS-10 Helmet Bag

The Raider helmet bag could be a quality alternative with associate degree inner fleece lining to shield your helmet and different things. It’s a high-quality bag that’s quite simple to hold around. The froth grab handles guarantee a cushy and firm grip once holding the bag to forestall falls.

There are extra front storage pockets to stay different personal things. Overall, this can be a flexible bag that will be accustomed to carry costume helmets, power sports helmets, attachment helmets, and far a lot of. It options associate degree oval base for the helmet to suit utterly.

Additional front storage pocket for smaller item storage. nice bag for Powersports Helmets, Costume Helmets, attachment Helmets, and different protecting helmets.


  • Oval Bottom With Nice Dimensions to Suit All Varieties of Helmets
  • Extra Front Pockets to Store Personal Things
  • An Animal Skin Bottom Base for Other Helmet Protection
  • Fleece Inner Lining to Supply Protection


  • Brand: Raider
  • Model: BCS-10
  • Item weight: 1.25 Pounds

6. Awst Lila Helmet Duffle Bag

The Lila helmet bag is a wonderful drawstring bag for keeping your helmet once on travel. It’s a top-grade bag made from the sturdy and long-lived 600D polyester material. The bag options a zippered closure for straightforward storage and retrieval of the helmet.

It is quite simple to hold with a shoulder handle, and 2 hand handles. 2 mesh facet pockets provide an extra house for things like eyeglasses. Lila Helmet drawstring bag Carry your helmet and belongings during this nice drawstring bag. it’s 600 denier polyester with an outsized zippered main compartment. Interior pocket for extra things.


  • Extra Mesh Facet Pockets for Private Things
  • Sturdy 600D Polyester Material
  • Shoulder Handle and 2 Carry Handles
  • Zippered Closure


  • Brand: AWST
  • Item weight: 1.6 Ounces

7. Formosa Covers Motorcycle Helmet Carrying Bag

This is a universal size helmet carrying bag and an ideal option to carry all helmet sizes. The bag options a water-proof nylon exterior to forestall water soaking within the bag. It’s a reasonably easy bag with two-way zippers for straightforward gaps and shutting.

The inside options a soft fleece for other helmet protection. You’ll tie this bag to the tank or back seat once not in use. Extra two carry handles create it quite simple to hold around. White Fleece Lined Waterproof motorbike Helmet Bag – Universal – One Size Fits All.

This is an essential item and fits all helmet designs as well as guardant helmets. Super light-weight and Nylon Outer. BLACK polar fleece Inner provides the most protection for the helmet Nylon Grip Handles Two-way zipper. 2 openings on the lowest of the quilt that may be tied onto your back seat or on prime of your tank.


  • Two Way Zippers
  • 2 Carry Handles
  • Sturdy 600D Polyester Material
  • Universal Size to Suit a Large Variety of Helmets


  • Brand: Formosa
  • Model: Helmet-1
  • Item weight: 1 Pound

8. Harley Davidson Helmet Bag

Harley Davidson helmet bag could be a huge complete within the business and one you would like to shop for confidently. It’s a high-quality bag with a sturdy outer nylon shell that is waterproof. The bag prevents water soaking t injury your helmet.

An additional one hundred pc soft inner fleece lining protects the helmet from scratches. This can be a secure and convenient bag with a secure lock port at the highest. The helmet fits 1/2 of the bag departure you extra space for different things.

Harley Davidsons 0.5 Helmet Bag brings to life the Harley Davidson complete and charm to rugged individualists WHO appreciate well thought out options and style.


  • Fits 0.5 helmet
  • One Hundred pc nylon Shell Exterior
  • One Hundred pc Soft Polyester Fleece Interior Lining
  • Convenient Lock Port


  • Brand: Harley Davidson
  • Model: 99427
  • Item weight: 8.8 Ounces

9. Shoei Drawstring Helmet Bag

The Shoei helmet bag is another leading complete within the business with wonderful options for safe helmet carrying.

The bag options an outsized main compartment to stay the helmet and a string to stay it safe and secure.

it’s a reasonably easy grey bag with the string doubling up because the handle handily carries your helmet with ease.


  • Massive Main Compartment
  • String Closure
  • Sturdy Construction


  • Brand: Shoei
  • Model: Helmet Sack
  • Item weight: 3.04 Ounces

10. Scorpion Valise Deluxe Travel Helmet Bag

Measuring seventeen x eleven x eleven inches, the Scorpion helmet bag is that a good size to suit all helmet sizes. It’s a high-quality helmet bag with a sleek, trendy construction to seem trendy. The bag options a strengthened bottom for other protection and inner fleece lining.

There are 2 zipper openings for straightforward access to the helmet. It additionally options a wonderful pocket to store personal things. The Scorpion emblem on the appearance of the perimeter nice and makes this bag a value get.


  • Extra Facet Pockets
  • Wonderful Scorpion Emblem
  • Modern, Sleek Style
  • Two Way Zipper Gap


  • Brand: Scorpion
  • Item weight: 1.3 Pounds

Motorcycle Helmet Bag Buyer’s Guide

  • Tough outer: If your helmet bag is a magazine from skinny material, it will not defend your lid from bumps and scrapes.
  • Soft liner: The higher-spec helmet luggage feature a soft liner that is able to supply a layer of impact protection and conjointly stop the lid from obtaining damaged in transit.
  • Removable strap: All sensible helmet luggage go along with a carry handle the higher ones; however, conjointly go along with a band, creating it straightforward to hold your lid and kit in one go.
  • Pockets: We’ve all got stuff we want to stash, from visor cleaners to earplugs, and a fast access pocket could be a helpful addition.

Motorcycle Helmet Bag Brand

  • Adidas Helmet Bag: Adidas have gotten serious concerning motorsport over the past decade. This helmet bag is formed from an atomic number 94 coated animal skin outer, a fleece-lined inner, and it conjointly options a separate visor carrier. It’s the business.
  • Alpinestars Helmet Bag: that includes a fleece liner, hard-wearing material, and a rubber base, and ventilation holes, and a removable strap. This Alpinestars bag appearance the business.
  • Arai Helmet Bag: the fundamental Arai helmet bag that comes with each Arai lid.
  • Arai Deluxe Helmet Carrier: made of tearproof material and that includes a removable carry handle; this can be the full-factory Arai helmet bag
  • Fischer Alpine Eco: this can be a sports bag for ski helmets; however, it makes the cut as it’ll match a motorbike lid, or it may be accustomed to carry your bike boots.
  • Ogio Head Case: The Rolls Royce of helmet luggage. It doesn’t quite build our greatest get as it’s five-hundredths costlier than the Oxford and R&G luggage. It’ll conjointly carry Associate in Nursing Mx or journey lid.
  • RST Helmet Bag: Well created lid carrier from RST, sufficiently big to hold journey or Mx Lids. It comes with a removable strap and also the bag is drip-dry too.
  • Shoei athletics Bag: If you’ve got a Shoei lid and you would like to appear sort of a sponsored rider, then look no additional.

Final Verdicts

If you have a good budget, then go for the overall pick of the best motorcycle helmet bag is the Raider BCS-8B Motorcycle Helmet Bag. If you have a high budget, then go for this OGIO 121009.36 Stealth Black motorcycle helmet bag.

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