10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras (2021 Review & Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re trying to capture the joys and skill of your rides, an honest motorcycle helmet camera could be a good place to start out. They not solely square measure they ready to catch the superb videos, however, they’re additionally straightforward to use and don’t cause a distraction or safety concern.

Using a motorcycle helmet camera could be a good way to stay the joy going long once you get off the bike. generally, it will be even as wondrous to check the footage because it was to travel on the ride, particularly once there square measure aspects you didn’t notice before.

You ne’er recognize what you’re planning to see whereas you’re out there, and it will be a lifesaver to own a camera with the footage you’ll be able to return and appearance at it. It’s continually sensible to be ready.

If you’re planning to be recording your adventures, you would like to create the simplest attainable videos. which means high-quality recording and a sturdy camera that will endure the weather.

Showing off footage from your adventures will be a fun and exciting part of the complete ordeal, however, it will quickly become embarrassing if the footage is poorly shot or if there’s a bunch of background signals and shakiness.

There square measure lots of helmet cameras out there which will correct things like background signal, extreme wind and weather, and even shakiness of the particular footage.

If you skip out on these options, you may in all probability find yourself with some unusable footage. Anyone considering a motorcycle helmet camera ought to do their analysis 1st, as totally different one’s square measure suited higher for various functions. It’s vital to understand what it’s you’re going for before simply grabbing the primary camera you discover.

We’ve compiled a listing of the simplest motorcycle helmet cameras to create your search a small amount easier. examine these merchandise as you inspect your next purchase.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera Reviews

1. GoPro HERO5 Black – Waterproof Digital Action Camera

A compact motorcycle helmet camera that provides you with a mix of performance in addition to convenience. It delivers 4K video films ANd has hands-free voice management in addition to an easy-to-use bit show.

The whole unit is waterproof thus it will be utilized in all weathers while not obtaining broken. due to the video stabilization, you may capture sleek videos even once it’s mounted to a helmet.

It’ll send video footage to your smartphone however you wish to put in the suitable apps and buy the GoPro service. you’ll additionally reproduce the video on the GoPro unit two-inch monitor.

The other choice is to mechanically transfer the photographs from the Gopro for bike helmet to the cloud via AN AC power plug that isn’t enclosed.

The kit comes complete with a chargeable battery, mounting buckle, and USB-C cable. It additionally comes with a snakelike and flat adhesive mount.


  • Records 4K high-quality video footage
  • Hands-free voice management
  • Two-inch monitor for immediate playback
  • Comes with reversible battery and mounts


  • Brand: GoPro
  • Model: Hero 5 Black
  • Item Weight: 4.2 Ounces

2. AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof

You may get professional-grade videos with this extremist HD Action Camera. it’ll capture 4K 25fps and a couple of.7K videos at photos at thirty frames per second.

The resolution is outstanding. you’ll be able to operate it through the remote that matches on your wrist joint and operates via a pair of.4G wireless RF that permits you to manage the camera and record video with simply a press of the button.

The bike camera is high-powered by 2 reversible batteries that provide you with up to ninety minutes of recording time. It comes with a local area network and HDMI connections thus you’ll be able to share your video with no trouble.

All you wish to try to do is install the App on your smartphone or pill – it operates via automaton or iOS devices which might be up to ten meters aloof from the camera.

The bike camera is waterproof and may go about to difficult environments because it comes with a water-resistant, rugged case. The pack comes with several accessories together with seven mounts and 5 tethers.


  • Outstanding resolution
  • WiFi and HDMI compatible
  • Remote one-touch management
  • 4K 25fps and a couple of .7K videos


  • Brand: AKASO
  • Model: E7000
  • Item Weight: 12 Ounces

3. Campark ACT74 16MP 4K WiFi Underwater Photography Camera

This tiny camera is capable of capturing up to 4K resolution video at thirty frames per second, providing you with sharp and clear pictures of your adventures.

You’ll be able to additionally set it to record a time-lapse, loop recording, or film for further fancy shots. However, one of the simplest options enclosed with Campark’s action camera is that the 170-degree, wide-angle, wide-angle lens to capture a lot of around you.

The camera comes with mounting accessories for your helmet and handlebars, a foreign management, and 2 metal reversible batteries. The batteries can provide you with up to a hundred and eighty minutes of shooting time or ninety minutes for each one.

You’ll be able to additionally attach the camera to a TV with AN HDMI port or look into your videos ANd footage instantly through an application. Plus, the camera is safe to use rain or shine.

However, the one factor the packaging doesn’t embrace is AN American state card to save lots of files. you furthermore may don’t get AN HDMI cable to attach it to a TV or computer, however, that’s not that huge of a deal.

The waterproof casing isn’t the toughest quality, and putting the camera onto your bike or helmet could also be confusing.


  • Record 4k/30 fps and take photos at 16mp
  • 170-degree optional view angle lens
  • Wifi remote control compatible with both IOS and Android
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Dual recharger batteries


  • Brand: Campark
  • Model: BCS-8B Deluxe Helmet Bag
  • Item Weight: 1 pound

4. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3

Dragon Touch’s helmet camera permits you to capture each moment at thirty frames per second at a crystal clear 4K resolution; you’ll be able to additionally shoot photos at sixteen megapixels.

On high of that, you get a variety of zoom ranges to boost your views (1.0x to 4.0x). Also, the camera includes a two-inch digital display screen to look at everything in a period of time or to review antecedently captured footage whenever you would like to.

The camera additionally includes many bonus options, together with AN motor vehicle white balance, driving mode, loop recording, and property to your smartphone through the local area network.

Plus, betting on the resolution you utilize, the 2 enclosed batteries will last up to ninety minutes long every. the merchandise additionally comes with many mounting choices for your bike and helmet.

A rather unsatisfying feature is that the camera isn’t compatible with waterproof merchandise. So, those with AN Apple desktop or portable computers won’t be ready to see videos or footage.

Another downside is that the 4K video seems to solely are available at fifteen frames per second, creating it jerky and overstrung. Capturing at 1080p resolution works higher.


  • 4k camera with 4x zoom
  • record 4k 30 fps and take photos at 16mp
  • WIFI action camera with a 2-inch screen
  • 100 ft waterproof camera
  • versatile but compact


  • Brand: Dragon Touch
  • Model: Vision 3
  • Item Weight: 2,08 Ounces

5. Crosstour Action Camera Full HD Waterproof LCD Wide-Angle Sports Camera

Youth subculture square measure best-known for his or her passion for high-quality gear, from bike boots to the helmet cameras they mount on their helmets.

The Crosstour Action Camera Underwater can satisfy even the foremost bold biker, giving the chance to require photos and record videos with glorious clarity and quality.

The 170-degree camera lens is a wonderful addition to a superior model. thanks to this lens, you may be ready to capture a lot of your surroundings, for a view.

The 1080p resolution for videos and 12MP resolution for footage square measure guarantees the general outstanding quality of this model.

The camera will resist underwater, at depths of almost ninety-eight feet. you may love the wireless remote feature that helps you to use your smartphone to manage your camera.

Downloading the videos and footage gaga the camera is straightforward, as is viewing them on your phone, and deleting them, as you would like.


  • Record at 1080p full HD and take photos at 12 mp
  • 30 meters or 98 feet waterproof
  • the wireless remote control connection
  • two rechargeable high-capacity batteries
  • Mounting accessories kit and 2 inch LCD


  • Brand: Crosstour
  • Model: CT7000
  • Item Weight: 2.4 Ounces

6. AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K30fps 20MP WiFi Action Camera

One additional camera for you to contemplate is that the AKASO V50 professional. If you would like a camera with plenty of accessories, then this can be the model for you.

All of the assorted accessories and add-ons that you simply can get can doubtless create the marginally larger tag appear plenty a lot of cheap if you are doing commit to get one.

For instance, your camera can keep the company with a number of totally different mounts, frames, a water-resistant case, and a second battery. In fact, you may additionally take pleasure in an additional wristband that you simply will use as a foreign management.

Thanks to the AKASO V50 Pro’s good hardware, you may be ready to profit from 4k resolution and a 14MP Panasonic image device.

This means that the footage that you simply film can look implausibly sleek and clear once you return to replay it.

Even though the image stabilization doesn’t quite compare to the professional help you’d get with the GoPro Hero vary, it’s still nothing to be sniffed at.

There square measure totally different choices once it involves setting the helpful too, thus you must be ready to increase it whenever you wish to.

Sadly, the app for the AKASO V50 professional isn’t quite nearly as good as a number of the alternatives that you simply get for other helmet cameras.

So, if that’s a crucial feature for you, you may wish to suppose whether or not it’s really pricing investment in an exceedingly totally different camera that will give you a far better app.


  • Intuitive Touch Screen UI
  • Support External Microphone
  • Impressive Video Quality record 4k 30fps
  • Capture Stunning View Underwater
  • Wireless APP Control


  • Brand: AKASO
  • Model: V50 PRO
  • Item Weight: 2.88 Ounces

7. GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera

This can be an extremely convenient camera for everyday use. it might suit a rider with no expertise in employing a bike helmet camera or WHO square measure searching for a back-up camera.

You’ll be able to activate the ability and begin recording with one press of a button. When you stop recording, it’ll mechanically flip itself off. The video quality is 1080p60, high resolution with 1440 pixels per in.

It records at one hundred frames per second thus you get sleek playback. The image capture is 8MP providing you with exceptional image and video quality.

The design of this bike camera is compact, rugged, and waterproof thus there’s no want for you to own separate housing. It will connect via Bluetooth or a local area network via the GoPro app thus sharing pictures is not any drawback.

If you’re taking out a GoPro and subscription, you’ll additionally mechanically transfer videos on to the cloud.


  • High resolution with 1440 pixels per in.
  • Records at one hundred frames per second
  • Connects via Bluetooth or local area network
  • Rugged and waterproof case


  • Brand: GoPro
  • Model: HERO Session
  • Item Weight: 2.56 Ounces

8. GoPro HERO 7 Black Camera

Notwithstanding that you don’t recognize a lot of helmet cameras, you may little doubt have already detected regarding GoPro. They’re one amongst, if not the, biggest manufacturers or dashcams, helmet cameras, and alternative kinds of action cameras.

When it involves their helmet cameras, the HERO7 is probably one amongst the foremost honorable and can be one that several bike riders have a minimum of thought of notwithstanding they bought a distinct one.

The most reason why this camera is thus fashionable bike riders is that it’s ever straightforward to stabilize it throughout a ride. you simply click it onto your helmet and you’re then sensible to travel.

You won’t worry regarding any wobbles or super-quick movements blurring the footage where you’re riding either. That’s as a result of the camera has AN inherent feature that provides it with the flexibility to find and predict movements, which supplies it the prospect to correct the camera. this implies that your footage will start up terribly sleek.

The camera mechanically adds HDR to the footage and may also use a cool time distortion feature. The time distortion permits you to make a stable time-lapse whereas you progress around, providing you with the prospect to create some extremely cool effects.


  • Record 4k 60 fps and take photos with 12 mp
  • Hyper Smooth Video Stabilization
  • Rugged and waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters)
  • voice control and live streaming


  • Brand: GoPro
  • Model: HERO 7
  • Item Weight: 4.2 Ounces

9. COOAU Action Camera 4K Waterproof Sports Camera

The COOAU 4K Action Camera could be a complete kit that comes with a superior camera enclosed, thus you don’t have to be compelled to get something.

This skilled camera can shoot 4K videos and take 12MP footage, outperforming any ancient HD cameras on the market. At an equivalent time, this model is significantly more cost-effective than alternative similar models.

You will get no fewer than twenty totally different mounting accessories, for mistreatment this camera all told kinds of configurations. The transportable case has AN IP68 rating, which implies that you simply are ready to use your camera in extreme weather.

The large screen can permit you to observe your videos directly on your camera. you may even be ready to transfer your videos and photos on your social media accounts with glorious ease.

The metal battery that powers this device ensures one hundred twenty minutes of continuous use. It will be the same that the sole factor missing from the kit is a few bike pursuits devices.


  • Water and Dust Resistance
  • Easy to Record
  • Double 1200mAh Batteries
  • Multi-functions Action Camera
  • Record 4k 30 fps and take photos at 20 mp


  • Brand: COOAU
  • Item Weight: 1.21 Pounds

10. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

If you aren’t too fluent in school then the Garmin VIRB extremist thirty might be the helmet camera for you, because it is super straightforward to use.

You may notice that the touchscreen interface is incredibly intuitive, thus you must ne’er struggle for too long attempting to work out a way to modify any of the settings or options.

Just like the GoPro HERO seven, this camera will be high-powered by your voice alone. Next time when you’re out on the road. You may be ready to issue some voice commands to alter the settings and to create certain that your camera is usually set to its optimum settings.

Lots of individuals commit to coming with the VIRB extremist thirty attributable to its ability to record very sensible quality videos. For example, you may be ready to film in 4k at 30fps if you ever ought to.

If you are doing wish to film during this frequently, simply create that the device you utilize for playback is in a position to indicate such top quality.

Thanks to the extras that keep company with the VIRB extremist thirty, as a water-resistant case. You’ll be ready to use it once you square measure out riding all told weather.


  • Record Ultra HD 4K/30fps footage
  • 3-axis image stabilization
  • Shoot hands-free using voice control
  • Built-in sensors and GPS
  • High-sensitivity microphone


  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: VIRB Ultra 30
  • Item Weight: 3.2 Ounces

Motorcycle Helmet Camera Buying Guide

Are you trying to find the simplest motorcycle helmet camera? There square measure lots of models out there, claiming that they’re higher than the remainder, however, are you able to tell that one is that the better of the best? we’ll provide here a couple of necessary options connected in mind after you buy groceries for this kind of camera.

Overall performance and image quality

If you wish for a camera that you just can mount on your motorcycle helmet, you can’t accept poor quality. though you’re on a budget and you’re trying to find an inexpensive motorcycle helmet camera, you ought to not simply choose no matter model prices inside your suggests that.

The HD resolution is the lowest you ought to choose videos. extremist HD is even additional counseled, as a result of you may get beautiful, image excellent, quality, and you may be happy with your recordings. you may notice that the foremost widespread models on the market provide a 4K resolution for videos and a 12MP resolution for footage.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you just ought to pay a fortune on a 4K camera. There square measure good choices out there, and, if you’ll accept HD resolution rather than extremist HD, again, you may realize models that will be added inside your budget.

Why a fish-eye lens could also be the best selection

The freedom of getting your camera mounted on your helmet shouldn’t accompany any drawbacks. this is often one of the primary lessons you may get to learn after you begin scrutiny varied models on the market.

You will notice that there square measure models that square measure publicized as returning equipped with a fish-eye lens. what’s this kind of lens ANd why is it important? this kind of lens has an ultra-wide angle of a hundred and seventy degrees, and it’s capable of capturing the maximum amount as your surroundings as potential.

Usually, these models additionally return equipped with a high-quality screen on that you’ll monitor the videos you’re recording. Right from the beginning, you may be ready to perceive what your camera sees and use this to your advantage.

Wi-Fi capabilities

We leave in a world wherever, whether or not we tend to love it or not, we tend to square measure perpetually hooked to a worldwide network, and plenty of folks even relish the advancements offered by technology.

This is potential because of Wi-Fi capabilities, and you ought to get a camera that comes equipped with them. There square measure several edges to the current feature. For starters, you may be ready to monitor your camera remotely, by the exploitation of your smartphone. Some makers indicate that you just will use golem and iOS apps to manage your camera, by exploiting nothing, however, your phone.

Other property choices ought to embody AN HDMI port, therefore, you’ll hook your camera on to different devices, still as AN American state card slot. Some makers go as a way on providing a small American state card along with your purchase, however, this is often not essentially a standard apply.

Battery life

These action cameras work with reversible batteries, therefore it doesn’t hurt to require a bit check out what batteries they use and the way abundant battery life you’ll expect. Li batteries square measure the foremost reliable, as they will be recharged multiple times while not a haul. they ought to even have enough power to permit you continuous recording.

High-performance action cameras are mounted on women’s motorbike helmets, even as well as on men’s helmets, and that they got to return equipped with a superior battery. a minimum of one hour of continuous use ought to be allowed on one charge. rummage around for the amount of hour battery life to create certain you create the correct call.

Some makers don’t hesitate to incorporate a spare in order that you’ll use the total one, once the primary is depleted. Check to check if the manufacturer additionally includes a charger along with your purchase, as therefore I don’t do so, and you wish to get one by one.


Let’s not forget that in spite of however you utilize your camera, and what you wish to film with it, you may get to have the storage capacity to be ready to capture each moment. Otherwise, you may end up in a position wherever you lose a number of the simplest moments. Of course, the space for storing is an immediate influence of the value a camera has, however most significantly, it depends on the image quality.

Charge-coupled (or CCD) devices are larger however they need higher sensors. it’s, therefore, a balance that you just got to strike between the capabilities and size. Most of the fashionable helmet cameras record on memory cards, usually American state models, or American state (high capacity SD cards).

Of course, it all depends on the image quality – the higher the standard, the extra space the video can war the cardboard. If you’re trying to find good pictures and plenty of house, cameras permitting HD resolutions of 720p or 960p square measure those who can alter you to store additional video time.

You want one thing sturdy

A motorcycle helmet camera ought to provide you with the attitude of what the rider is seeing, however it additionally must be durable enough, simply just in case. If you’re a mountain biker otherwise you apply action sports a great deal, you may like a helmet camera that’s sturdy and can be your helmet in spite of what proportion vibration or shocks you set it through.

You don’t wish accidental hits from branches, for instance, to prevent it from operating either. A camera which will face up to rain is far additional probably to last you longer, and supply you with additional epic footage.


Is square measure motorcycle helmet camera legal?

This looks to be quite the topic of heated debates around the net, and, initially look, it seems that finding the foremost easy answer is trouble. the amount one reason why individuals believe that action cameras mounted on a motorbike helmet square measure smuggled is as a result of the traffic laws within the U.S. say that no modifications ought to crop up.

That refers to the drilling of holes into the helmet, therefore, you’ll mount a camera, however, it says nothing concerning mounting mechanisms that don’t have an effect on the integrity of the helmet. So, as long as you’ll mount your camera while not damaging your helmet, you may not get to worry about breaking the law.

The way to mount a motorcycle helmet camera?

The simplest thanks to mounting a motorcycle helmet camera are by exploiting the adhesive mounts that square measure typically provided by the makers. As you’ll see, there’s no try to take place at the integrity of the helmet, and you’ll safely mount your camera.

Some straps may be used, however, bear in mind of being attentive to all or any the directions concerning the right mounting of the camera. Chin straps and different configurations square measure on the market, therefore you may be in no shortage of solutions for mounting your camera on a motorbike helmet, the legal method.

What proportion ought a motorcycle helmet camera cost?

Depending on options, image quality, extras, property, and so on, the value of bike helmet cams will vary greatly. It’s perpetually extremely wise to connect in mind your budget after you buy groceries for such a tool.

You’ll realize an honest camera underneath a hundred bucks, however, don’t expect the best performance potential. In case you wish a prime of the road model, expect to lot many many bucks.

Detain mind that these models return equipped with several helpful extras. What’s in all probability additional necessary to you, they provide beautiful image quality for each video and photos.

However huge ought a motorcycle helmet camera be?

Since you’re trying to find a camera that may be mounted on your helmet. You are doing not wish one that’s overlarge, as a result of that may cause some equalization problems.

Also, seeing that several of those action cameras square measure is typically straight forward to mount on your radiocarpal joint. You ought to think about one that’s sufficiently small to accommodate such a setup.

The most widespread things on the market benefit of the miniaturization advances we tend to square measure witnessing nowadays. However, you’ll still desire a good screen of a minimum of 2 inches, in order that you’ll see what’s occurring.

However am I able to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged?

There square measure a couple of stuff you got to bear in mind if you wish to create certain that your helmet-mounted camera doesn’t get broken.

As an example, if you wish to use your camera in inclement weather. A water-resistant model is often an honest selection. Some have this type of rugged construction, whereas others got to be sheathed during special housing.

Also, you wish to use your logic after you have a helmet-mounted camera. Don’t labor under tunnels or at lower place tree branches that square measure low and may catch your camera.

Besides damaging your device, you’ll additionally place yourself in danger. Therefore ensure that you just perpetually abide by the protection rules and laws.

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