15 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers Reviews of 2020

We understand that wearing eyeglasses means locating the ideal helmet hard, so we’re here to assist the ideal motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers. Smaller helmets are streamlined and give fantastic security evaluations, you can not really match glasses inside nearly all of them. If it comes to security, which could be more significant than the real helmet, preventing an accident from occurring in the first location.

Some cyclists may feel uncomfortable wearing on the spectacles. To overcome this problem, it’s the right time to spend on the very best motorcycle helmet for glasses.

Obviously, the wide range of motorcycle helmets available on the market is rather large, no doubt about that. But, finding the very best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers isn’t so easy. It can sometimes seem like the motorcycle helmet marketplace forgot about the bespectacled individuals, but this is only in the event that you don’t know where to look. Within this guide, you will discover the keys to properly wearing your eyeglasses, sunglasses, or goggles along with your helmet, as indicated by specialists.

List of 15 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers Reviews

1. Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult 7817-054 Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

  • Another fantastic helmet that glass wearers need to try is that this unit from the producer Vega Helmets. Especially, the Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is apparently designed to appeal to bikers that are expected to equip glasses. It’s offered in various sizes and matches. According to what I have explored, the helmet includes a unisex structure, which will be a fantastic thing. It’s trendy and trendy, but it did not shed a single ergonomic benefit.
  • Because of this one half-shell layout, it will not get in the way of your glasses. There is a guarantee it will not disorient the positioning of your glasses as you’re wearing them. To completely protect your eyes from several components, the helmet includes an optically corrected drop-down sunshine shield. The latter provides a striking shield against the blinding of sunlight along with other visual interferences.
  • You shouldn’t fret about your comfort when using this helmet. Its internal liner is composed of moisture-wicking technology to ensure the moisture and perspiration will dissipate immediately. Riding in extreme cold or heat won’t ever be uncomfortable provided that you’ve got this equipment. Additionally, the integration of a custom-fit dial adjuster makes sure that the helmet may accommodate riders with little heads.

2. HJC Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • Using its innovative polycarbonate composite shell structure, this helmet has been designed to accommodate any rider that would like to wear his goggles.
  • Concerning invention, the HJC has everything. The HJC includes a slick body using full-face construction, meaning that drivers get additional security. Despite this full-face structure, riders continue to be able to wear their own particular glasses.
  • This helmet is more durable into the center and mild, so it seems easy on the mind. The chin strap makes it effortless for the helmet to fit in your mind. Normally, the helmet is more hardy, which makes it capable of managing several strikes.
  • The HJC helmet gets the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System implanted indoors to keep your head cool when wearing the helmet. The HJC is among the very sold helmets round, and it’s not surprising that riders pick it on many helmets.

3. Shoei Neotec Gloss Black Modular Helmet

  • Riders who use prescription eyeglasses also deserve the very best protection whenever they hit on the street. In reality, I would say they ought to have the ability to pick up the ideal motorcycle helmet for glasses they can manage. In all probability, you will have the ability to pay for the Shoei Neotec Gloss, especially because its cost is presently falling (because of its discontinuation). But only because it is currently going from production doesn’t mean it is not fully competent. Virtually every inch of the helmet surpasses expectations.
  • By way of instance, just have a look at this version’s exterior shell. Believe it or not, this shell is created of 5-ply AIM multi-composite substances that are resilient against friction and impacts. But at precisely the exact same period, the Shoei Neotec Gloss’ shell was constructed with aerodynamics in mind. Therefore, you won’t feel excessive vibrations or drag as you’re cruising on the open road with this helmet on.
  • Furthermore, if you have worn a Shoei helmet previously, you will be amazed at what this version brings to the table. Including its Internal Vortex engine ports, which are effective at generating 2x as much airflow as preceding Shoei versions. This version’s anti-fog, the anti-scratch visor has been given an update, as seen in its own capacity to now block some 99 percent of UV light.

4. GDM DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • The GDM DK, though not fabricated by a very common manufacturer, is a great deal better compared to traditional helmets we begin popping up nearly anyplace. What is so good about it? Well, the caliber for after. You can tell it is a fantastic product by simply holding it in your hands, you do not have to test it on. It seems as though it is much more costly than it really is, which is somewhat unexpected as it is not just affordable.
  • Having a choice between a transparent visor and a one, you can custom-tailor your own GDM DK for your particular needs. Want the additional extra visibility a clear visor provides? No issue, go for this variant. If you’d like to have an uber-cool look with a few extra discretion and solitude, the tinted visor variant is simply the correct product for you. We really enjoy this helmet from the get-go, and that is before reviewing its stronger points.
  • The GDM matches the DOT FMVSS-218 security standard, therefore it moves all of the requirements and legislation. Its aerodynamic shell shape was assembled with lightweight composite poly-alloy, therefore it does not weigh anything. When riding for more extended lengths of time, this thing, trust. The very last thing you need is a thick helmet tiring your shoulders and neck.
  • It is available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL, which means you are probably to find your dimensions regardless of which one it is. Like we mentioned, the visor is amazing, particularly the tinted out black one. We fell in love with how great it seems with the general black-gloss theme.

5. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Bell Qualifier is famous for full-face helmets. This regarded as the very best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers. What’s so great about this particular helmet? The headgear includes a lightweight substance made from polycarbonate composite casing to offer sturdy protection against the face and head.
  • The helmet includes three shell sizes to match the wearer’s mind to the tiniest mind size potential. The helmet includes a click-release shield system in which the wearer can eliminate the shield together with the sound of a tap.
  • The headgear has a cushioned end collar which helps to decrease noise and wind for a calm ride. Regarding communication, the helmet has incorporated speaker pockets to match the Bluetooth in and listen to different motorcyclists on the street. The headwear has contoured cheek pads to maintain the lining of the cheek secure and fit set up.
  • Concerning the inside, the helmet has a removable and washable inner lining to conserve the helmet tidy and bacteria-free. The inside is anti-microbial and antibacterial. The item gives a tinted shield, which can be anti-scratch and anti-fog. This provides excellent protection against UV light. The helmet meets the security standards of DOT and ECE.

6. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

  • 25-year motorcycle helmet maker Core is well-known for producing helmets together with all the riding enthusiasts in your mind, and also the Core Vintage Open Face is no exclusion. It is a retro design 3/4 design helmet that invokes the appearance and texture of the 60s and may have you performing your very best “Easy Rider” impression.
  • The helmet is constructed with a durable thermoplastic alloy casing and has an extremely comfortable cushioned nylon lining. When riding it’s going to fit snugly on the head without inducing distress, and won’t block one’s spectacles at least. You might need to purchase a bigger size, but because these do have the inclination to be rather tiny. No worries concerning the Core Vintage slipping off your mind, however. The thing includes a Dual D-ring method for fastening beneath the chin that’s both comfy and sturdy.
  • Seeing accessories, the helmet includes a 3-snap for a visor, and a five snap to add a level face protector. The Core Vintage usually includes a coating of quality automotive paint in a solid color (black, black, white, burgundy, and red), but could also be obtained in black, or a leather end.

7. Arai XD4 Helmet

  • The intermediate round oblong contour has adequate space on the other hand to accommodate goggles and prescription eyeglasses. We may also mention that the kind is pretty much comfortable for many people with different head shapes – some thing worth emphasizing in this Arai XD4 review.
  • The exhaust vents and vents are rather effective, in our view, and they also make sure glass wearers are equally as comfy as you can. There’s a live stream of air to dry any moisture and perspiration.

8. AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • The Run-M modular helmet has an outstanding venting system comprising six ports, all doing exactly the work satisfactorily. With six ports, there’s not any prospect of respiratory troubles. Even for the constraint of odor and moisture developed because of perspiration, it’s a fantastic solution. The assortment of cushioned and antibacterial cloth for the inner lining has made it more valuable for summers.
  • The fabric absorbs moisture and disagreeable odor to stop fungal and bacterial skin infections. Additionally, when you feel that the lining is stinking, you are able to eliminate it, wash it, and set it back into its original place.
  • Individuals for whom riding is a fire stay engaged in this activity daily or every other day. As a result, they’re vulnerable to damaging rays of sunlight over anyone else. This helmet deals with its users because its own front visor has exceptional capacities to oppose UV rays while another visor provides a much better, transparent, and broader perspective.
  • To reduce sound manufacturing, it comes within an effective layout, which pierces air economically and eases forward movement. What’s more, the ABS substance provides the merchandise unmatchable power in clashes and collisions.

9. ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet

  • It’s fairly bewildering to find a stylish helmet such as the ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 is a superb selection for riders that are wearing glasses. It will not interfere with your vision even though your glasses are on. You are still able to see clearly because the visor of the helmet was designed to optimize visibility. You may even turn the visor down even through the evening. It could seem tinted on the exterior, but on your side, it seems as though there aren’t any obstacles in any way.
  • The caliber of this ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 can be seen on the building of its shell. Especially, it’s utilizing the TCT-Ultra Shell that uses a proprietary 5-layer cloth technology for extra reinforcement. These materials are impregnated with high-quality resin to make the most of their sturdiness. The last outcome is an ultra-tough helmet that remains lightweight and extremely manageable.
  • It’s also noteworthy that the ratchet method of the Scorpion helmet is having a barbell movement when locking its visor. It allows a foolproof sealing of the eyeshield in order no components can pass it. In addition, this ergonomic ratchet system makes sure you could alter the eyeshield fast and without needing additional tools. That is efficacy right there. Meanwhile, the inside includes a washable moisture-wicking lining. Each moisture and perspiration won’t ever deny you getting a fantastic time on the street.

10. Shoei Excursion Neotec 2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • For enhanced airflow, this helmet includes upper and exhaust air vents. Whether you decide to ride quickly in a bumpy street or dusty street, you may truly feel any perspiration or moisture running down your face in the mind. The aerodynamic layout cancels the effects of gusty winds.
  • The plan of the helmet is striking. It’s a highly designed helmet using a vortex generator incorporated to generate the helmet hardy and handle airflow. There’s a supply for wearing glasses, and it is a remarkable advantage of wearing this helmet.
  • The visor won’t deteriorate online of vision even in the event that you opt not to wear eyeglasses. Its inside is lined with high-density EPS for absorbing impacts. So that your security is maximized.

11. Arai XD4 Helmet (Aluminum Silver, Small)

  • When I speak to my other motorcycling friends, they frequently request my opinion on a top stove oval shape motorcycle helmet. Typically, I tip them in the direction of this Arai XD4. Sure, this version is among the priciest choices in its course at right around $600. But that high price tag pays dividends within this version’s enhanced form element. To this end, this helmet weighs only about 4 lbs., which can be nearly 1/3 lighter compared to a few of its immediate rivals.
  • Meanwhile, through the Arai XD4, you will come across several innovations that readily justify its price. Just take this version’s patented FCS cheek pads, for instance. They have been created to optimize comfort whilst also being detachable. This inner spacing versatility makes it simple to comfortably wear your eyeglasses with this helmet on. These pads (and really, this helmet ( whole lining) will also be infused with Dry-Cool technologies, which permits them to ventilate properly at low in-town rates.
  • As you might have figured, this helmet has been created with motocross in your mind. Additionally, it comes standard with a couple of security features that may make certain you’re properly protected following a terrible spill. 1 such attribute is that this version’s emergency cheek pad elimination system. If engaged, this padding system enables the speedy elimination of your helmet with a trained medical practitioner.

12. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular

  • Launched at Small, Medium, and massive versions, the IV2 will lack the worldwide XL and XXL, but given the difference between the offered versions, most individuals will find their preferred size. But what of practicality? A simple switch allows the helmet to transition out of an open-face cruiser form to some right-handed closed helmet.
  • Its glove-friendly controls are watertight, which means you may rest assured they will never escape or break. Together with EPS Impact Absorbing interior that also appears to be sweat-absorbent, we need to praise the build quality, particularly on the interior. For the $80 price tag, it truly is a tremendous value for the money.
  • The only two downsides so much as we could work out are as follows. To begin with, it is noisier because of a more intricate layout to incorporate the change, so more road and wind noise get indoors. It is not a huge deal, but it can issue people who can not tolerate it.
  • The exact same mechanism may provide you nightmares with reliability also. It is likely to fail after a particular phase, but only in the event that you’ve been mistreating the helmet and had not been affectionate at all when taking it off or putting it on.

13. LS2 Helmets Open Face Track Helmet

  • LS2’s OF569 supplies 3/4 design protection at a futuristic bundle. The incorporated faceguard works out of the way if necessary, letting the rider additional air when stopped at a light or taking it simple. What is more, it is a quick-release shield, so it is easily removed without using tools or gadgets. Very helpful once you have to substitute the face protector, or just need it out of the way.
  • The removable, washable comfort lining is comfortable on your mind and specially treated to resist germs and odors. The retention system is also very sophisticated, with a 4-point strap system that corrects the chin and back of the mind, preventing helmet roster offs in case of an accident.
  • For extra relaxation, the helmet comes with an adjustable venting system and was created with an oblong match in your mind, meaning it’s going to accommodate a broad selection of head shapes. The helmet is DOT certified, also offered in many different paint jobs, such as strong red, black, white, white, gunmetal, wineberry, plus a fashionable matte black also.
  • This helmet is a great option for people who want the broad field of opinion and willingness of a conventional open face helmet but are searching for a more contemporary layout, additional security features, and other amenities such as the flexible face shield and built-in visor.‚Äč

14. O’Neal 0817-504 unisex-adult full-face style Sierra II Helmet

  • This really is the best looking motorcycle helmet you will see in the marketplace. However, aside from that, it’s various helpful features like the lightweight and comfy ABS shell.
  • The incorporated face protector within this full-face helmet offers sufficient space for your prescription eyeglasses.

15. LS2 Helmets Open Face Verso Helmet

  • The LS2 Track 569 is an upgraded version of the Ultra favorite OF 569 helmet, made in sunscreen. This is the very best helmet in the marketplace. After the exterior is sexy, you are able to lift the protection and require some atmosphere. You are able to prevent it after taking the air.
  • The face shield pops up and optically right and extends out of the way as required. For simple replacement, you might use Alter Tool-Less Quick Release. The peripheral vision is fantastic, and also you may see the outer world with no obstruction.
  • A few inspections this is similar to a fantastic picture window. The helmet includes LS2’s Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield which retracts or melts readily and easily with a better and brand new slider mechanism. It is simple to run it with a gloved hand.
  • The helmet has DOT acceptance and a quick release strap that makes it effortless to get off and on. From the plush comfort lining, you’ll acquire breathable cloth.
  • The cloths are washable and removable. Makes a good flying helmet, scooter helmet, commuter helmet, and overall motorcycle helmet. It satisfies the ECG and DOT standards

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers Buying Guide

Among the very first important advantages of sporting a glasses-friendly motorcycle helmet originates from the requirement of wearing your glasses. For many people, wearing glasses isn’t optional. You want them to securely (and from time to time, lawfully ) run your motorcycle, which means that you cannot take off them to squeeze in your own biking helmet. A glasses-friendly helmet makes it so that you do not need to make that sacrifice once you reach the street.

On the flip side, sporting a glasses-friendly helmet also makes sure that you’re receiving the very best head protection whilst maintaining your eyesight. Many helmet models that fall into the class provide strong impact and friction security, each of which poses a threat in a motorcycle collision. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and people who care for you to wear appropriate protection like a glasses-friendly helmet when you ride your motorcycle.

Helmet Design Type

Motorcycle helmets now come in many distinct kinds, each of which offers different degrees of protection. Full face helmets have been formed as clarified and cover most of an individual’s mind (and occasionally parts of the neck). While these provide maximum security, they frequently aren’t compatible with eyeglasses. Meanwhile, open face and half shell helmets are often glass-compatible while still providing sufficient top and rear of mind protection.

Helmet Weight & Size

During a protracted ride, you are sure to observe the additional burden of a motorcycle helmet. Therefore, it’s worth your time to compare the prospective version’s weights and choose the option that feels light on your own mind. At precisely the exact same time, it is important to pick a design that’s sized to your mind, even if it’s slightly heavier.

Comfort & Fit

A comfy fit can also be key to loving your motorcycle helmet, even in the event that you must wear it for extended periods. Comfort interior a biking helmet may come in a lot of forms, such as inner venting to stop sweat build-up.

Additionally, cheek and chin strap padding are the two frequent ways of preventing discomfort whilst wearing a motorcycle helmet. You might even discover some versions with inner padding shaped to match a set of glasses effortlessly.

Road Safety Rating

All motorcycle helmets have to be satisfactorily analyzed before hitting the marketplace to make sure they meet particular crash performance criteria. If your potential helmet has passed those tests, you are going to see decals on their outside which indicate each accreditation body’s approval.

In the USA, you are likely to find out blessings from DOT (the US national Department of Transportation), SNELL (Snell Memorial Foundation), and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe).


Without a doubt, you are going to want excellent visibility throughout your preferred motorcycle helmet. This often comes by means of your helmet visor, which might be secured in position or flexible. In any event, your helmet’s apparent visor ought to be simple to see through, even with eyeglasses on. Your helmet may also arrive with different visors that may block out the sun’s beams or protect against fogging during adverse weather circumstances.

Cost & Warranty

Do not forget to compare costs between versions before settling for a motorcycle helmet. You will observe a version that resembles a real deal just to learn that that helmet has been made and uneasy. A fantastic cost doesn’t always suggest a fantastic solution, after all.

That having been said, a recorded warranty can boost a helmet’s general quality, particularly in the event that you want to pay a bit extra to do it. This type of guarantee could save a reasonable bit of cash later on.


Now that you have seen every one of these best motorcycle helmets for glasses, you will not ever debate involving wearing your helmet and wearing your eyeglasses when hitting the street. Now you can do both, provided that you invest in among those helmet models reviewed previously. Each is going to keep you comfortable and safe on the street without impairing your vision for a second.

These helmets can enable riders to wear over their eyeglasses to guarantee a safe journey. The purchasing guides allowed passengers to search for the perfect headwear to correct their specs before going outside into the street. Make certain that you correct the helmet above your eyeglasses!

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