12 Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet Reviews of 2021

There’s nothing worse than travel long distances with end sound-canceling about your head so that it’s important to pick the best noise-cancelling motorcycle helmet cash can buy. Riding motorcycles is something that brings joy to a lot of individuals. But riding at 65mph down the street for lengthy periods may also cause ear damage if you are not careful.

Although earplugs can perform the task, those might not be comfortable for a few people. These days, we see a number of the identical technology employed in noise-canceling cans being attracted to motorcycle helmets.

These helmets will lessen the noises of wind, the motor, other automobile’s motor to a degree that reduces your chance of hearing damage while allowing you to listen to enough for security. Some have ambient settings that will make it possible for you to block certain sounds rather than others. We’ve assembled 12 of the very best noise-cancelling motorcycle helmets to your end noise so every travel is a silent journey.

Which is the Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet?

The very best noise-cancelling motorcycle helmet by much blocked 13 decibels from the soundproofing evaluation was that the Neotech II. It is the quietest helmet out of this evaluation but what amazed me the most about this evaluation were the outcomes together with all the Roof Boxx of Carbon. This helmet was quiet as the other two helmets however the other two would be superior helmets.

Thet are made and promoted to be somewhat silent and the roofing box of carbon was designed to be fair, little difference but recall what we’re analyzing and that is just how much sound is obstructed by the helmet.

It is likely to be reliant upon the casing, the lining, the match, the visor, the EPS venting, and virtually everything will come in to play. Typically lots of these helmets whenever they are created to block out wind and also protect against wind noise that’s a slightly different element when getting into your helmets and whistling round stuff.

List of 12 Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. AGV Unisex-Adult Flip-Up Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • The AGV Sportmodular Modular Helmet is a top-notch modular helmet and it is always good to review things that are more costly, you understand the very best of the very best and it’s also just a bit different than several other modular helmets.
  • On the interior of the helmet, there’s a lining made with two substances. These materials are cold and hot or for cold and warm weather. The warm cloth that’s named Shamer is very nice and hot, it is very soft and totally fantastic stuff.
  • On the opposing side, there’s the Ritmo substance and that’s likely to pull perspiration away from the mind giving you a little more breathability if that is a word.
  • The lining is also a detachable washable antibacterial substance so that it’s an excellent lining. It is comfy and it is going to help keep it cool or is going to keep you warm based on what you would like.

2. Shoei Neotec II Helmet 

  • The Neotec 2 includes a lightweight, highly-aerodynamic casing. With the advanced sound reduction and optimum vision security, SHOEI has attained new heights in headgear layout.
  • There are four distinct shell sizes and five distinct liners available to produce supreme fit and comfort. SHOEI’s proven 360° Pivot Locking System, made from high-quality stainless steel parts, ensures a safe and secure closed.

3. HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • The HJC 980-614 modular flip-up helmet is made of sophisticated polycarbonate composite. The aerodynamic shell includes a large eye-port, is lightweight, comfy, and weighs at 5.35-pounds.
  • The flexible polycarbonate chin pub has a single-button launch, which makes it simple for one-handed performance – even if wearing gloves. The face protector is also a fast release for ease of replacement and cleaning. The visor is also pin-lock prepared to decrease fogging, however, it does not arrive with the pins.
  • The match of the helmet along with its thicker makeup, bring about its silent relaxation. The lining wicks moisture away and is removable for washing. The stick-on cheek pads may be changed in various sizes to increase fit and comfort, which reduces wind disturbance.
  • The neck seal further enhances the comfort and fit, while also sealing out wind noise. An aftermarket chin skirt can be obtained to divert air and control breeze intrusion; regrettably, it interferes with the modular thumb release mechanism.

4. Arai Signet-Q Full Face Helmet

  • This full-face helmet comes as an Adult Large in Black Frost color, really befitting its layout. This helmet has been constructed to keep you dry and cool.
  • It has an advanced system of vents that divert the atmosphere throughout your temples, among those areas that build up heat and dampness in your mind. These vents keep your eyes clean also.
  • Both the substance and oval form of this helmet revive heat and moisture, preventing the evolution of a”hot spot” to a specific area of the mind.
  • This helmet isn’t affordable, but together with keeping you dry and cool, this is among the quietest helmets you’ll see in the marketplace.

5. LS2 Stream Omega Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

  • The LS2 Stream Omega Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is offered in a complete collection of different colors and looks really stylish. Style is not everything though, however you can be certain it’s appropriately safe for street use since it’s ECE/DOT accredited.
  • The quick-release chin strap is simple to use, although sporting motorcycle gloves, nevertheless stays incredibly powerful – and will not snap in the case of a crash. There are several distinct sizes of the accessible, making it suitable for just about any motorcyclist.
  • The interior liner can readily be removed and washed in the washing machine to keep it clean, and smell-free. This is a characteristic that is not offered in a lot of motorcycle helmets, and it’s going to be appreciated.
  • The sun visor can quickly be “dropped” down, and this enhances safety, particularly when utilized in the summertime. No more fumbling around with visors, which can be quite dangerous whilst riding, the LS2 has you covered.


  • The roofing boxxer for carbon is the newest flagship in the French firm of roofing and it is a successor to their favorite roof fighter v8. Now directly up the largest improvement, they have made is that this excess X in the title of fighters so today it is the boxxer.
  • It is said that it is symbolic of all of the various improvements they created to the helmet, personally, I only wish to understand how much an X is actually worth.
  • The caliber of the helmet isn’t good, but it has not been immediate attention unlike the Shoei Neotec II or the game modular out of AGV who possesses a higher focus on quality, but you’re likely to get to pay far more for all those helmets.

7. Bell Qualifier DLX Impulse Pink Helmet

  • This sleek helmet includes a lightweight polycarbonate shell having an adjustable venting system for cooling and comfort. The cushioned Wind Collar drastically reduces road and wind noise, and the profile resists buffeting and raise. Additionally, it has a moisture-wicking, removable/washable inside, and contoured cheek pads.
  • You will find incorporated speaker pockets, along with a click on the button to the quickest, simplest, tool-free protector changes. This helmet accommodates the Bell Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom.

8. SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2 Blank Matte Modular Helmet

  • The SHARK Helmets Evo-One two is a modular thermoplastic helmet using a streamlined profile and weighs 3.6-pounds. Ideal for touring or cruising, it’s DOT, and ECE qualified for the two full-face and open-face usage, which makes it a flexible 2-in1 helmet.
  • The Evo-One 2 received 5 stars at the SHARP crash test, along with the chin bar remained secured in position in most evaluations, offering greater driver protection. The helmet includes an integrated internal sun visor, and a double-D ring chin locking system for increased security.
  • The chin bar could be transferred from the down position to the upward position, therefore it’s from the way for open facial usage. It’s advised that two palms be utilized to maneuver the chin bar, and it is not advisable as an aviation clinic.
  • There’s a locking platform to maintain the chin bar set up for improved flexibility and to keep the hardness, equilibrium, and aerodynamic performance of the helmet at both complete and open-face positions. The visor has “Auto-up/Auto-down” to mechanically move it when transferring the eyebrow bar from 1 place to another.
  • The little round aerodynamic design helps reduce wind noise, as will the back spoiler. There is also a magnetic chin curtain to block end sound below the helmet at the full-face place.

9. Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • The Shoei Rf-1200 is a Big, Matte Black, full-face motorcycle helmet for most guys. It’s lightweight and has good ventilation. The chin curtain and anti-fog system keep your vision clear on these rides. The researchers also note that this particular helmet is much comfier and triggers less neck strain compared to other helmets.
  • This helmet is marginally more affordable than other off-the-shelf motorcycle helmets, but the 35mm cheek pads tend to be too tight for clients, who needed to cover an extra $50 to get 31mm replacement pads.

10. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

  • The SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet is among the least expensive helmets presently available on the current market, and it’s of excellent quality too! It sports a double diffuser on the cover of the unit, which enhances airflow and aerodynamics.
  • The boost in aerodynamics helps decrease fatigue, and wind noise. It’s a quick-release shield, which lets you change out your visor very readily, which lots of bikers decide to perform, particularly with funding helmets.
  • It’s produced by a lightweight thermoplastic, it is going to arrive in a shiny black design. Safety needn’t worry about, as it’s DOT approved.

11. SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2 Slasher Modular Helmet

  • The Shark Evo-one 2 isn’t to be known as the Shark Evo 12 since it simply is not, it is the Shark Evo-one 2 plus it’s created by the French firm shark. It is a modular helmet that flips back all of the ways together with the chin bar exactly enjoy the roof fighter and it’s an immediate descendant of this Shark Evo 1.
  • It’s also different from the shark Evo line 3 string that is just another collection of modular helmets from precisely the exact same business. What we’re likely to locate on this helmet is that there are a whole lot of little improvements that set it apart because of the very best shark from the sea.
  • When you have a look at the helmet you may observe it is smaller and more streamlined than the shark modular helmets, so it is likely to be aerodynamic and stays better in your mind, weighs significantly less, and feel much less cumbersome.
  • The casing is made from polycarbonate and comes in two distinct sizes that mean there is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to sizing. When you have a look at the visor you’ll see it’s an auto-open system using an anti-scratch and comes ready for the trap lock visor that sits at the box.

12. TORC T27B1 SL XL T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

  • This helmet is an excellent lightweight alternative to additional helmets, as it’s 20 percent smaller with equivalent protection because of its bulky opponents.
  • It includes substantial consumption ventilation, Venturi venting for your back exhaust, and it’s a one-button discharge mechanism to the front corner pub for easy in and out.
  • The Bluetooth 2.0 technology lets you get and send calls and listen to streaming audio in stereo, in addition, to listen to GPS instructions.

Buying Guide for the Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmet

What do you need to know about noise cancelling motorcycle helmets prior to purchasing them? If you come to obtain a helmet, it’s crucial that you place lots of consideration into it. After all, fantastic quality helmets are often very pricey, and it is unlikely you will be receiving a brand new one for some time – so be certain that you make the highest quality helmet you can.

Design and Materials

When many riders can normally depend on the security certificate, I also like to be aware that the helmet is produced of the very best materials to optimize comfort and performance. Generally, there’s nothing more important than the outer substance that’s the very first line of defense.

In summary, you would like it to be both lightweight and strong. I search for the usage of Kevlar and carbon fiber from luxury helmets and lightweight ceramic or plastic composites. I will also be aware of using expanded polystyrene (“EPS“) foam to the interior that’s very good for high energy absorption and dispersion.

Double layers of EPS is much better. The helmet design can also be vital. Even though there’s absolutely no magic formula, you are going to discover the much better helmets use a specific number of aerodynamics that reduce drag and lift at high rates.

Certified and tested

The number one criteria are constantly security and luckily, in the US you can find security standards set up to foster the production of helmets that are effective.

To begin with, the USDOT standard defines the minimum levels of functionality that helmets sold in the united states have to meet. You’ll discover that a “DOT” sticker on helmets matches this criterion.

Secondly, is your SNELL standard that’s independently administered and requires stricter criteria. Helmets meeting these criteria will endure the words “SNELL Approved“. In my opinion, these criteria are crucial.

But don’t make the mistake of imagining all helmets meet those criteria! Check before you purchase. Bear in mind, that the best noise cancelling motorcycle helmet will be the one that saves your life once the day comes.

Face shield

The face protector should also fulfill the essential security standards but it must also be clear as you can. Your eyesight is crucial and you do not wish to undergo any sort of distortion or intense fogging.

The very best noise cancelling motorcycle helmets typically carry a sound, high-quality visor that will offer an optically perfect encounter using high-tech substances to remove distortion and several carry an off-the-shelf coating.

Since you shell out a couple more bucks you’ll also find fine features like UV protection and quick-release mechanisms letting you swap the visor out to get a replacement readily.


At the conclusion of the evening and overall, your helmet should fit nicely. The very best noise cancelling motorcycle helmets consistently fit nicely. That’s obviously something private to each people but so essential when deciding on your own helmet. It needs to be snug and tight but not overly uncomfortable.

Bear in mind, it’s comparable to purchasing a ski or trekking boots – what seems fantastic about the first day can loosen a bit over time as things break-in so that I recommend having it somewhat tight to start with whether anything.

The fantastic thing is that online retailers will generally allow you to exchange helmets that don’t quite fit correctly. A vital part of assessing the match is also analyzing the retention – a motorcycle helmet is futile if it does not remain on your mind when you fly.

If you strap it should not have the ability to get rid of it by hand without even discharging the strap. Give it a go, use some drive, and be sure it stays put no matter what you attempt.


Adequate ventilation isn’t solely about relaxation. In certain scenarios, poisonous exhaust fumes can make their way in your helmet and if that occurs you’ll be grateful to get an effective venting system.

A well-ventilated helmet will guarantee air flows nicely on your head to reduce the effect of any poisonous fumes and at precisely the exact same time stop you from sweating too much.

On the higher-end helmets, the venting process is generally flexible also, enabling you to raise or lower the total amount of airflow as wanted.


A slightly different step to match I take note of is how comfortable a helmet is. Obviously, there’s rarely a helmet that’s perfectly comfy but the purpose is to receive something as comfy as you can.

Bear in mind, you need to have the ability to appreciate your long rides rather than feel as though your head is in a vice. Things to search for are comfort padding, strong ear seals, a well-positioned neck roll, and an overall absence of any protrusions that can lead to distress.

My overall tip with relaxation would be to adhere to the well understood and many well-known brands. They typically set a great deal of study into helmet relaxation and also offer attributes like caked pliers.

It is worth noting that some manufacturers match some people better than others. One man will swear by Shoei while the other seems much better in Arai. So, in a lot of ways, it comes down to personal taste with this one.


My general principle is more is greater. I normally favor full-face helmets offering the most amount of protection in comparison with their own half-helmet cousins. In addition to the exterior layout, I search for greater EPS lining coverage on the helmet inside.

You’ll discover the more affordable helmets tack on EPS and just pay the minimum required place whereas the higher-priced offerings feature EPS that almost cover the majority of the casing and to the chin bar. Bear in mind, at a high rate, there is no need to showcase your beard stick to some full-face helmet for optimum safety.


Ensure that you only purchase helmets from respectable makers, as the helmets examined previously. This is only because they have particular quality tests that guarantee all helmets manufactured by these are of acceptable quality.

Cheaper producers do not tend to try it, and will only manufacture a helmet and also market it. That is the reason why helmets out of big-name brands charge more, since they comprise a good deal of testing to the production process, and this might save your own life.


Ensure that the helmet you’re planning to buy provides a fantastic quantity of protection. This is really important, do not just opt for the helmet that looks the best.

It could be tempting, but it’s far better to go to get a simple black helmet with a producer like Shoei compared to a very attractive helmet from some producers you have never heard about.


It is a well-known actuality that good high-quality helmets do not come at reduced rates, often. Ensure that you get a nice quantity of money on your budget to get a fantastic excellent helmet, endangering your life is not worth it just to save a couple of dollars.

We advise that you invest the most money in your helmet which you are able to afford, as in the close of the day – your helmet is generally the determining factor as to if you live or perish in case of an accident.


Producers are creating improvements to helmets each year. They’re quieter, safer, better fitting, and much more aerodynamic. Helmets are rather a smart invention really. They operate by combining two distinct materials, with completely different properties – to be able to save your own life if you take part in a crash.

The ideal option to your helmet on the industry tough outer shell which offers construction to the helmet and also protects you from sharp objects – that may purify your skull. It may also be painted, to supply an attractive layout – as lots of motorcyclists do. The inner lining is generally considerably thicker than the outer shell and is a whole lot softer. It’s typically made from polystyrene which will crush upon effect. This helps decrease the rate of deceleration, reducing the pressure that’s exposed on your mind.

Hopefully, you’ve found something in this informative article’s best noise cancelling motorcycle helmet to help stop the ringing in your ears at the end of a ride. When you found the information of use, let’s understand, and discuss it with other people who might find it helpful.

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