7 Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Touring motorcycle helmets are intended for extended rides. We are speaking 300-400 mile cross-country jaunts on a Sunday in spring type of extended rides. You want your traveling motorcycle helmet to be comfy, quiet, light and well ventilated, and above all secure on these sorts of excursions.

The tiny nuances issue a good deal. A “type of” comfy flying helmet is not going to function when you’re 200 miles and so are vertical for the whole time. It ought to be”super-comfortable” if you wear it at the store because after 2 hours on a bicycle it will not be unless it’s ideal.

The touring motorcycle is made for more rides. Riding this kind of bike requires a different helmet fashion compared to others. To remain secure on the street, you want the ideal traveling motorcycle helmet. To locate the right version for the journey, we put together the very best touring motorcycle helmet inspection full of top choices.

List Of 7 Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. AGV powersports-Helmets K-6 Solid

  • The most recent item from Italy is the culmination of most of AGV’s helmet technologies focussed on a single helmet for road usage.
  • A super-light carbon and aramid fiber casing are shaped into an aerodynamic shape that works well on any sort of bike, and its own intermediate oval form and four dimensions provide a superb match for the majority of heads.
  • A lavish Ritmo and Shalimar cloth inside is moisture-wicking, detachable, and silent, and the K6’s shield is easily swappable.

2. Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet

  • The GT’s on this list since it is lighter, smoother, and more affordable compared to touring-biased Neotec, coming in at about 3 pounds, 9 oz.
  • Redesigned this season, the new GT-Air II provides a more inner sun protector for greater glare protection; improved aerodynamics for less drag and sound because of a new compact shell shape using a molded spoiler; and enhanced, maximized airflow.
  • The new defense is wider and taller than the one it replaces and offers 99.9% protection from damaging UV rays. A Pinlock Anti Fog lens is comprised, and also the GT-Air II can now easily integrate with the all-new Sena SRL2 Communication System.

3. Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Shoei is an American manufacturer specializing in superior helmets. Look no farther than the RF-1200 to discover that one combination of whatever that you need in a helmet to the wide-open street.
  • This full-face helmet comprises four intakes and four exhaust sockets, maximizing temperature and ventilation. The casing includes several layers of security, using Shoei’s”Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell and Dual-Layer, Multi-Density EPS lining”
  • Six layers of protection sit between you and the street here in Shoei’s lightest and most powerful helmet. A lively fiberglass resin blend endows this mild helmet with exceptional durability and resistance.
  • The CWR shield includes a 3D injection-molding which permits a virtually limitless selection of vision and no stimulation of perspective, the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system, and protection against 99 percent of UV rays. The lining system is totally washable and removable.

4. Arai Ram-X Solid Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • Another chief among touring motorcycles is Arai. The RAM-X open face motorcycle helmet offers all you could desire. You receive maximum ventilation, durability, and comfort, perfect for any ride. What makes this system unique is that the PB-cLc2 substance employed for the shell structure. This stands for peripherally belted complicated laminate structure square.
  • You also obtain the VAS-Z Professional Shade System which reduces glares. This specific helmet is intended for the intermediate oblong face shape. Furthermore, the lower recoil position includes a dual-pivot assembly that makes a Variable Axis System for total flexibility. Much like the previous version, you may choose from dimensions x-small via xx-large.
  • This version also contains a five-year guarantee but will not come with a hefty price tag. Additionally, it offers a few fashionable color choices which enable you to reflect your character. Regrettably, there are not too many testimonials with this helmet much like a few of the other people.
  • On the other hand, the business is famous for its high-quality helmets, and this version will not be any exception. It simply does not have as many testimonials yet since it’s a newer version. If you’re a lover of Arai helmets and also do not mind the higher cost, we recommend this version. It is the ideal open-face touring helmet for your next excursion.

5. HJC RPHA 70 ST Grandal Mens Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • HJC is a Korean maker that has been in the export business for 47 decades, and every single time we stick our head in a single recently, we are pleasantly surprised by a degree of match, substances, and lightness that belies the price stage.
  • This one’s lightweight carbon fiber/ carbon-glass hybrid cloth shell carries on an intermediate oval form (Arai’s hottest in North America), also intends to”bridge the difference between game flying and riding.” It is accompanied by an anti-fog inner sun protector and an antifog insert.

6. KLIM TK1200 Helmet ECE/DOT SM Architek Redrock Karbon

  • Klim’s all-carbon intermediate-oval TK1200 is lighter than many full-face figurines, weighing in at only 3.2 lbs, largely because it omits the integrated sun visor most touring lids have and utilizes a Transitions shield rather.
  • This modular lid’s layout enables the eyebrow bar to rotate beyond vertical, to decrease force upon the neck and head in case of a crash.
  • The optically superior shield responds to external light, darkening as necessary to get a similar degree of sun protection.
  • A micrometric buckle securement permits for rapid engagement and speedy launch, and there is a Pinlock lens within the box. The Klim TK1200 can also be DOT and ECE ranked.

7. SHARK Helmets SPARTAN Karken

  • Should you prefer Citro├źns, foie gras, and Fabio Quartararo, then you will also dig Shark’s lineup of helmets Francais. The Spartan gets excellent reviews for its lightness and smooth-running aerodynamic form.
  • “Large ram-air intake vents situated on the chin bar and crest channel cool air in while warm air becomes expelled out through the venturi produced by the twin spoiler design.
  • Your vision will probably be clear as a result of this MaxVision anti-fog system. Your hearing will be intense as Shark requires a full-system strategy to sound damping. Your neck won’t worry since the Spartan is both lightweight and volumetrically optimized for drag reduction”

Buying Guide for the Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than an occupant of a car. Knowing this, it is beneficial to invest in the very best touring motorcycle helmet to protect your head. But if you are not careful about the sort of helmet you buy, the ride may get unenjoyable. We can help you to find a secure and comfy touring helmet.

Helmet Shell Construction

The substance used on the casing of touring motorcycle helmets is vital to evaluate. Not only can this thin material ascertain the durability of this helmet, but also the security. A number of the most well-known materials used include polycarbonate plastics, including ABS, fiberglass, or Kevlar. Possessing a Kevlar, carbon fiber, or fiberglass often costs more.

Helmet Type

As you take a look at the experience of touring motorcycle helmets, you’ll discover many different fashions. For complete coverage, you are going to desire a secondhand bike helmet. Nevertheless, not all riders enjoy the sense of those helmets. Rather, they favor an open modular or face helmet, which will provide greater comfort, but much less security.

Helmet Weight & Size

You need adequate protection to your mind, but the additional weight does not supply that for you. In reality, it’s safer to get a lighter helmet compared to a hefty one as there’ll be less burden on your neck as a result. Additionally, a lighter helmet is much more comfortable on longer excursions. Ensure that you measure your mind and select the proper helmet dimensions.

Comfort & Fit

In the event the motorcycle helmet is not comfy to wear, then you may elect to proceed without it and place your own life in danger. Rather, invest in sport-touring motorcycle helmets with added features that improve the fit. Search for venting systems, superior cushioning, and a detachable liner to ensure your comfort on longer rides.

Road Safety Rating

The whole goal of wearing a motorcycle helmet is to stay safe. That is why you wish to guarantee any helmet you pick has a DOT emblem on the back, suggesting that it matches the NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 218. When there are different certificates you may depend on, this one tells you that the helmet is secure for on-road use.

Visibility & Protection

It does you no good to purchase one of the very best touring motorcycle helmets using Bluetooth should you have problems seeing from it. Assess the visor alternatives to ensure you get the visibility that you need and the security you’re searching for. Some helmets have numerous visor alternatives and a simple method to alter them.

Cost & Warranty

You may want a Scorpion Exo experience touring motorcycle helmet at the lowest cost possible, but occasionally you’ve got to be inclined to spend longer. Look at client testimonials to locate helmets that will last and shield. You might even assess the guarantee term to be sure you’ve got coverage if something needs to fail.


What’s the very best touring motorcycle helmet? In our view, the Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet is among the most flexible and protective helmets that you might own. Additionally, it is offered in an assortment of fashions, making sure your character shines forth on this next ride.

The very best touring motorcycle helmet is likely to really make a difference in your mood. Whether you enjoy a very long, smooth ribbon of tarmac, or even the challenge of a remote, dusty trail. A huge portion of the second stage is getting the right flying helmet, one which may be worn for hours and hours.

A bad choice makes a very long list of issues and provides up to driver fatigue. When you are tired, accidents occur. A high quality touring motorcycle helmet retains you more healthy, for more. It is so much a part of you, you almost forget it is there.

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