9 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets (2021 Reviews)

Locating the best-ventilated motorcycle helmet could be perplexing. However, you want a reasonable, fitting, and well-ventilated helmet to maintaining your noggin cool when you are riding the trails in the summertime. In fact, a motorcycle helmet is one of the main pieces of protective equipment to invest in your motorcycle-riding self.

This guide can allow you to answer that pursuit by highlighting 9 of their best-ventilated motorcycle helmets accessible to bikers now. This guide will also teach you exactly what to search for in a helpful motorcycle helmet, such as a version that offers optimum ventilation.

List of 9 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. Vega Helmets VR1 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • This is the greatest value packaged motorcycle helmet to get all-season riding, and it comes with an innovative modular flip-up helmet program with protected metal-to-metal locking.
  • Additionally, it has a drop-down interior sun-shield and a flexible ventilated waterproof design. The helmet includes a detachable multi-position clear shield along with an inner sun protector.
  • The helmet includes a detachable comfort technician wick dry liner, pre-drilled holes for simple Bluetooth speaker setup, a cushioned quick-release strap system, plus a lightweight, aerodynamic shell using all the new ram air flow-thru system.
  • It meets and surpasses US DOT standard FMVSS 218 and ECE R 22.05. It’s engineered with a high density steered airflow EPS lining into absorbing effect.

2. Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

  • If you are in a rush to discover the finest complete face ventilated motorcycle helmet, then search no farther than the Biltwell Lane Splitter. This helmet gives you all-around protection with no huge load on your shoulders. This version’s injection-molded ABS outer shell is quite durable while also staying lighter in weight compared to the typical full-face helmet.
  • Meanwhile, you will come across a lot of productive construction within the Biltwell Lane Splitter. As an instance, this helmet is three-piece Expanded Polystyrene lining supplies an ample quantity of cushioning, particularly in an accident scenario. In reality, the arrangement of those liner components allows for effective dispensation of effects without getting too bulky. This inside can be comfy under routine riding requirements due to front and rear air vents.
  • The Biltwell Lane Splitter has also paid attention to little details that bikers will love. Including brushed fleece Lycra touchpoints within this version’s chin strap which greatly decreases friction on the jawline.
  • At precisely the exact same time, this version’s inner recesses allow sound equipment to be set up with no hassle. These readily compensate for a single detail this helmet jumped out, which is, its own lack of flexible air vents.

3. Klim F3 Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

  • The black stealth Klim F3 is a fantastic motorcycle lid for off-road riders. Its composite shell structure makes for a robust and lightweight helmet. A nice-looking layout, a comfortable lining that wicks away perspiration, and fantastic venting set the Klim F3 aside from the park.
  • The helmet includes 13 air intake vents blended with 6 exhaust vents. It’s habit EPS foam absorbs impact, as well as also the 3D ergonomic cheek pads guarantee the rider’s head remains adequately fastened and supported. The moisture-eating lining and cheek pads have been incorporated.
  • Klim’s Klimatek cloth liner system is constructed with flexible Smart Foam Technology and an antibacterial quality that suppresses scents while wicking moisture away. The wide-open distance on the front ensures that the rider an amazing field of view so that you won’t overlook anything appealing as you hurtle down the road.
  • The helmet boasts advanced structure using premium materials to get a solid construct that matches effortlessly. On top of that, Klim F3 meets DOT standards for motorcycle helmets without endangering reduction.

4. Fly Racing 2018 F2 Carbon Helmet

  • Fly worked hard to make certain that each and every characteristic stands out. The helmet comprises six Energy Cells located between the cushioning liner along with the EPS. They’re produced with busy strain-rate sensitive materials that absorb additional energy and barely transfer it to other areas. The substance is squishy, rubbery, and will smash in each direction and compress down. The objective of these pads would be to assist with any rotational effect.
  • Conehead Technology is true in what it attempts to get across. You will find EPS foam cones that produce energy absorption that is progressive. And since most helmet impacts happen in the rear of the rider’s head and the crown, Fly chose to beef up these regions with much more EPS. The excess foam is of reduced density compared to the standard EPS foam, meaning it will absorb additional energy at the impact zones.

5. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Dual Visor Sun Shield Flip up Full Face Helmet

  • The iStorm modular helmet is DOT approved, as it comes in an XL size. It’s an innovative flip upward and dual-lens layout. It’s made of a lightweight, durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy casing, and it’s a gorgeous glossy UV protective end. Additionally, it includes removable and Washable Padding for simple cleaning.
  • The helmet visors are simple to remove and remove. It’s a six venting opening platform, which comprises two front and two leading adjustable port switches that provide passengers the ideal adjustment for air intake and exhaust. Last, it’s a quick-release buckle which ensures it remains fastened and discharged easily.

6. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

  • For any reason, the ILM 902 is passed over in talks concerning the top ventilated modular motorcycle helmet. That ignorance of its own quality just does not make sense to me, since it comes with a number of the most effective possible modular elements.
  • By way of instance, this helmet comes standard with a helmet liner and cheek pads which may be removed and washed easily. Additionally, it comes with a modular visor system which may be removed and changed out without having any tools.
  • Meanwhile, on the ILM 902’s outside, you will discover an ABS shell that comes in about 7 distinct colors and styles. In addition, it comes in sizes small throughout buttery, enables riders of all sizes to utilize this particular helmet without sacrificing security.
  • However, this is not just any old smooth-shell helmet, however. This version’s exterior instead features exceptional outdoor channels that boost internal airflow and reduce outside sound.

7. BELL Revolver Evo Full-Face Helmet

  • The Revolver EVO modular ventilated motorcycle helmet is absolutely worth its own Bell name. If you’re interested in finding a modular helmet that delivers the identical amount of security as a full-face helmet, then search no farther than the Revolver EVO. This cozy helmet fits most mind types and dimensions.
  • The Revolver EVO’s casing is assembled using polycarbonate which makes it incredibly lightweight on your mind when offering superb security in an event of an accident. Its aerodynamic equilibrium features resistance to lifts and buffeting.
  • The helmet Sun Shade visor feature provides protection against UV radiation in a ride. Furthermore, it includes NutraFog II that provides extra protection against UV, radiation, and scrapes. Therefore, you don’t have to modify face shields when using the Revolver EVO.
  • The Revolver EVO includes a selection of amazing features like inbuilt speakers. The inside eyebrow pads are easily removed and removed whenever you would like to.

8. O’Neal unisex-adult off-road style 2SERIES Helmet

  • The O’Neal’s 2Series Helmet is just one of those cheap wallets and of fantastic quality. Aside from having superb safety equipment for ATVs, it’s also ideal for street-motor scooters, snowmobiles, and utility vehicles.
  • The maker was in the motorcycle industry for the past five decades and over this moment, they’ve established an excellent title for themselves. They’ve been manufacturing reputable helmets, motorcycles, spare parts, and additional accessories.
  • This helmet is one of the lightest helmets that you have tested lately. The weight stands at 3.04 lbs, meaning you won’t feel any hefty burden in your mind after wearing it. The CoolMax lining will make you cool during your own rides.
  • Instantly you begin sweating, its cushioned inner coating will start wicking away any perspiration to keep you dry. And after it becomes cluttered, you’ll have the ability to pull it out, then wash then replace it readily.

9. AHR Run-F DOT Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

  • The AHR DOT stands up as the most effective cheap ventilated full-face motorcycle helmet in this group, not because of its cost of just over $50 in many cases. While that amount of affordability is fine, it pales compared to everything supplied via this helmet regardless of its cost.
  • By way of instance, it gives full-face protection with its durable ABS shell. In addition, it includes sizing choices from little to extra-large, which makes this version a helpful solution for riders of all dimensions.
  • You could be amazed to understand that the AHR DOT comes standard with a dual visor system. This system consists of a broad, transparent outer visor and an inner sun shield visor, each of which can be intended to withstand scratches fairly well. You will have the ability to toggle between both of these visors effortlessly too. Just engage the change on the helmet side, and you will be set to ride with the greatest available visibility.
  • Though the AHR DOT does just contain two air vents onto its own back end, its inner structure makes the most of them. That inner liner is completely washable and may effectively channel inner moisture towards those vents when you’re in movement. That liner material will break down in as few as two decades, however, which may make this a greater short term investment.

Buying Guide For Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

The advantages of owning a ventilated helmet are rather straight forward. First of all, you are going to be fulfilling your duty to take part in protected behaviors while at the helm of a motorcycle. In cases like this, you’re keeping yourself protected by wearing a piece of gear that may save your own life. That alone leaves wearing a helmet, either ventilated or worth it.

However, so much as a ventilated helmet is worried, wearing this type of helmet may keep you comfortable over extended rides. To be specific, these helmets frequently allow air that’s traveling beyond your helmet to station through its inside. This, consequently, wicks moisture from the scalp and hair, leaving you comfortable overall.

Ventilation Features

Naturally, if you are searching for a ventilated motorcycle helmet, the very first quality you ought to check out if entail that helmet’s venting system. These come in many different forms but most frequently contain air stations that travel the distance of the helmet’s interior. Some also contain air flaps that allow venting during the top and sides of the helmet. Whatever the case, your preferred helmet’s ventilation characteristics should offer a sterile, comfortable driving experience in almost any weather.

Helmet Size & Style

Motorcycle helmets come in many different styles based upon their degree of coverage. These include the entire face (that offers the maximum protection ) and half a helmet (that supply the least, relatively ) styles. Normally, the longer a helmet covers your mind (and provides more security ), the longer it requires ventilation to stay comfortable.

Shell Material

A motorcycle helmet should incorporate an extremely durable shell that may withstand hard impacts at elevated rates. This way, your helmet may shield its delicate contents if you’re involved in an accident. The casing is the very first line of protection in this method, therefore it has to be sturdy on its own as you can. But a multi-shell system is also a superb way to boost your own personal security whilst on the open street.


Any motorcycle helmet you purchase should be certified. This is not a legal necessity, though; rather, picking a certified helmet lets you understand your preferred protective equipment has passed rigorous testing prior to hitting the marketplace. Specifically, American helmets need to carry a certificate from the national DOT. Additionally, there are other certifications available, such as individuals from SNELL and ECE.

Visor Features

While it might not impact venting, deciding on a helmet having a helpful visor will help make certain your perspective of this street is not blocked. Since you might expect, a very clear or tinted visor will serve this function, though other colored visors also exist to be used in non-standard light environments. Many superior visors also arrive with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings to stop them from becoming muddy as a result of constant use.

Price & Warranty

While in the market for a brand new motorcycle helmet, make sure you compare costs among top versions. Even one of the ventilated versions, you will quickly see that a few versions are priced much higher than their attribute arsenal would warrant.

But if you’re spending a bit extra to get a rewarding ventilation system, that is probably okay. The same is true for a product guarantee, which might save a good deal farther down the street if a brand new helmet fails to meet your preferences.


The most important thing is the best-ventilated motorcycle helmet still ought to keep you secure exactly as a normal motorcycle helmet will. Rather, contemporary improvements in helmet-based ventilation technologies will enable you to enjoy a safe and comfortable riding experience all at one time. Models that have this technology are less expensive than ever, so today is a fantastic time to update to a different quality of comfort and security.

The maker shouldn’t rely on other crucial characteristics in the pursuit of a biker accepted layout. Make sure that the ventilated helmet you select has security features very similar to those of your daily motorcycle helmet.

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